New Skatepark in Menifee Being Discussed

If all goes well, there'll be a new skatepark in Menifee.

Menifee City Councilperson Darcy Kuenzi announced this evening that she's organizing a study group to bring a new skatepark to our town. She's thus far spoken to some residents who've all expressed a need for a skatepark within the City, and decided to do something about it.

"I spoke to a pastor who said he's always having to drive his kids to Corona just to go to a skatepark. I've talked to some Rotary Club members who say they're always having to drive someplace else to go to a skatepark", says Kuenzi. "So, I'm volunteering myself to get something going".

Kuenzi would like to invite interested persons to sit on a private committee to look at possible locations, where funding could come from, safety issues, and so forth. The committee is not associated with the City of Menifee, but simply the interests of local residents.

Thus far, the councilperson plans to get a meeting going with the few folks she's already talked to.

If anyone would be a part of this committee, or offer their resources, contact Darcy Kuenzi at (951) 961-9042, or e-mail her at


  1. I vote for the skate park. Please please please... Gas prices are way to high to be toting these boys around to other cities to skate.
    From a Skater Mom in Menifee.

  2. My nephew and his friends have my sister drive them all the way to Oceanside area and further just so they can skate. Come on residents of Menifee open that skate park and also put in a snack bar that will make you a little revenue and give a few people some more jobs.

  3. They should build it in the vacant lot behind the 76 gas station on Newport & get 76 to pay for it. They will make ther money back buy selling Gatoraids to all the skater kids in a few months. Then its all profit after that.

  4. I would LOVE for there to be a skate park in Menifee. I need a safer place to ride my longboard!

  5. im a menifee scooter rider and my mom loves driving me and my friends to skateparks but the gas prices are ruining it for us so please build the skatepark