Second Strawberry Stand Coming to Menifee

Residents living on the east side of the I-215 will no longer have to travel to the west side to buy...

Residents living on the east side of the I-215 will no longer have to travel to the west side to buy fresh strawberries this season.

The Planning Commission this evening approved a proposal allowing for a strawberry stand on the corner of Newport Rd and Menifee Rd, at the southwest corner adjacent to Menifee Union School District offices.

Earlier this month, the commission had voted to delay approval to give city staff time to conduct a traffic study after the school district argued that vehicle traffic in and out of the strawberry stand would pose a risk to students. The sheriff had also written a letter in opposition arguing that vehicle traffic along Newport Rd and Menifee Rd would create traffic hazards, pointing out that these roads are not designed to accommodate cars slowing down to turn into the strawberry stand.

menifee strawberry stand map
City staff had actually recommended the commission to move the stand to the northeast corner, adjacent to the fire station. However, existing driveways along that corner are such that it would require drivers to travel beyond the strawberry stand, thus impacting business.

But after hearing testimony from the prospective strawberry stand owners this evening, who promised to buy $3 million in insurance to indemnify the city against incidents, the Planning Commission approved the permit for the southwest side.

The approval limits the strawberry stand to operating between the hours of 8:30am to dusk, seven days a week. It also restricts entrance and exit only from Newport Rd. Presently, there is a driveway along Menifee Rd that the strawberry stand owners will be required to block off to prevent additional U-turns.

Also, the existing driveway on Newport Rd is not large enough to allow cars to enter and exit simultaneously. The strawberry stand owners will be permitted this season to utilize the existing driveway as it is, but will likely be required to widen it in subsequent seasons.


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