Recall Darcy Kuenzi Committee To Meet

The Recall Darcy Kuenzi Committee announced today that it will meet at 1:00pm on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at Boston Billie’s Restaurant located at 26850 Cherry Hills Blvd, inside Sun City Shopping Center.

The committee will be organizing a campaign drive and is calling for interested persons to attend.

Call 951.679.6442 for more information.


  1. Why a recall? When is the next council election? I know there is some hostility between council members but I haven't seen any thing that would require a recall. Menifee 24/7 is the best local news source I have ever seen but it would help if the writer could add a couple of lines to explain the reason for a recall. Maybe someone from the recall movement can add a comment here.

  2. Hello Rich

    I’m not part of the movement. However I agree with them. If there is anyone that proposes a court house with the possible option of becoming a parolee center is not someone that needs to govern on a city counsel. The individuals that need a court house can drive 15 minutes to the one in French valley.

  3. Not only is there a court house in French Valley but there is also one in Temecula by the old library.....thats 2 courthouses within 15 minutes of Menifee, one in Menifee is absolutley uncalled for!