Mayor Edgerton Responds to Councilwoman Kuenzi's Demand for His E-mails

The following is a letter written by Mayor Wallace Edgerton...

Some people may have read that Councilwoman Darcy Kuenzi has officially requested to review several months of my e-mails. In my 20 years in politics I have never known of an elected official who wanted to sift through the mail of another elected official.

Ms. Kuenzi informed the press that she was doing it to protect the taxpayer. What her act of rummaging through my private mail has to do with the taxpayer is beyond me. Indeed it is quite ironic because Ms. Kuenzi; by forcing the city attorney to review hundreds of e-mails; will also force the Menifee taxpayer to pay for added hourly legal fees.

Ms. Kuenzi also knows I have been retired for years; so she will find no evidence of my doing business for profit with city equipment because I have no business.

Also, Ms. Kuenzi is aware that I accept no campaign donations from anybody and most especially with people who do business with our city -- indeed I have criticized her for doing that very thing. She knows the public record shows me collecting zero dollars.

So what are possibly Ms. Kuenzi's real motives for such a breech of protocol? I refused to sign Darcy Kuenzi's printed material objecting to her recall and she became very angry; perhaps out of spite she wished to upset me -- If true; then touché -- she has upset me. She stated to the press that she could not understand why I was upset -- Please Ms. Kuenzi --- if one of your fellow county workers rummaged through your personal things at your private desk under the pretense of looking for some wrong doing -- how would you feel?

Secondly, perhaps Ms. Kuenzi believes I am involved with her recall. Darcy, I in no way initiated your recall, have contributed no money and have signed no petitions. Let me emphasize further that I do not approve of the recall process unless some significant law has been broken and I am not aware of you having broken any significant law. Nevertheless, I must admit that from what I have read, those supporting the recall petition do have legitimate grievances -- one complaint is that you are a disruptive force on this council and this latest e-mail stunt of yours is just one of many examples.

I want to work with you Councilwoman Kuenzi for the benefit of Menifee, but please do not try and involve me with your recall or any of your other legendary political fights.

Wally Edgerton
Mayor, City of Menifee


  1. Is this an example of a freudian slip?

    "I want to work you Councilwoman Kuenzi for the benefit of Menifee,"

  2. @ Anonymous, no that was my transcription error. The Mayor handed me a printed copy that I had to retype into Menifee 24/7.

  3. When I first read of the campaign to recall Ms Kuenzi, I had mixed feelings.

    Having served on the Incorporation Committee which brought cityhood to Menifee in 2008, I am only too familiar with both Ms. Kuenzi and Ms Pica. While I have no time for Ms Kuenzi personally, I have even less time for Ms Pica and the rest of her 'bad loser' anti-cityhood crowd. Additionally, I didn't want to see the City waste thousands of dollars on a special election.

    Consequently, on balance, if such election were held, I was probably going to vote against a recall, just on principle.

    However, when I learned of Ms. Kuenzi's latest attack on Mayor Edgerton, I changed my mind completely. For those who didn't already know her true colors, Ms Kuenzi's has now revealed them for all to see.

    Mayor Edgerton, from what I and many others have witnessed during his tenure on the Council, appears to be a fine, honest, upstanding person who has exactly the experience needed to lead this City through its early challenges. Unlike Ms Kuenzi, he has not accepted tens of thousands of campaign dollars from developers and the like. Moreover, he has the strength of character to speak his mind, albeit in a professional manner, and it is probably this characteristic which has made him a target for Ms Kuenzi. The mere fact that he will not be bullied into submission makes him a formidable enemy to her.

    During my time on the Incorporation Committee, working alongside Ms Kuenzi, I found her to be just that - a bully who would stop at nothing to get her own way. Small wonder that she is accused of being "disruptive" on the Council. Many others who would phrase it far more strongly.

    And, no, this isn't about her politics. It's about her personality, her overbearing ego, and her disrespectful, disruptive behavior towards her fellow Council members!

    Bring on the special election! It will be worth spending the money just to be rid of her!

  4. FYI, anyone who'd like to make general comments about this matter can do so anonymously. But if you'd like to share comments specifically about Ms Kuenzi or Mr. Edgerton, or anyone else, you MUST provide your full name, else I cannot accept it.

  5. Although Les Nursey knows Darcy Kuenzi much better than I, I have some knowledge, and experience of the kind of probems Ms. Kuenzi poses for the council.

    I have e-mailed Darcy kuenzi several times, getting no responce. I get one word answers from John Denver from time to time, but he is not the subject of this message.

    I have e-mailed Mayor Edgerton many times, often disagreeing with him on issues, not always in the nicest of terms. Darcy Kuenzi, raiding the mayor's e-mails, should know that by now. Mayor Edgerton has always responded in a professional way, taking time to fassion, and represent his views, against an opposing view. I have the utmost respect, and admiration for his sincere, and magnanimous approach in communicating reponses to the public. Darcy Kuenzi's approach is to turn the phones off and recline into circles of her special friends and relationships, carrying their water, often times, resorting to threats and intimidation, with those that disagree.

    I have heard the mayor, on more than one occassion, praise Darcy Kuenzi for her accomplishments, feeling and recognizing that her talents could be an asset to Menifee. At the same time members of a group she belongs to, The Menifee Action Group, have threatened a recall on him, for not towing their line. The mayor's sincerest interest was for the city council to work together and show repect for each other, not always in agreeing, but to present, and conduct themselves in a way that the City could be proud of. The mayor is to be commended for that, even though Darcy Kuenzi's, latest exploit, may bring that ideal to a screeching halt.

    That being said, I think Darcy Kuenzi, this time, has gone too far, and I agree with Les Nursey that Menifee will be better served without her on the council, and this opinion is not to wish any ill on Darcy Kuenzi.

    We would all be better served if Darcy Kuenzi would stick to her well paying county job with Supervisor Marion Ashley, and leave the City of Menifee to those that want to work together.

    - Greg August, Sun City


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