City Considering to Take Part in the "Adopt A Highway" Program

The City of Menifee is considering taking part in the "Adopt A Highway" program to both increase community branding and beautify the 215.

Months ago residents of Sun City Core asked the City Council to put back "Sun City" signs along the 215 freeway. However city officials explained that only Cal-Trans has the right to place signs on the freeway, and even if the city asked Cal-Trans to erect a couple of Sun City signs, it would still take at least a year for that to materialize assuming Cal-Trans agrees.

But an idea surfaced to take part in the Department of Transportation's "Adopt a Highway" program where the city could adopt several segments of the 215 running through Menifee and earn the priviledge of placing its community names "Quail Valley", "Sun City", "Romoland", "Menifee", etc. on these signs.

The city is considering having signs like these placed along the 215
Photo courtesy of City of Menifee

The move would "brand" these names to millions of drivers along the freeway at a low annual cost, and at the same time keep the freeway clean.

Currently, there are only six segments of the 215 available, four northbound and two southbound, that the city could apply for.

If the city moves ahead with the idea, it would cost $25,000 a year to operate.


  1. Does that mean that every subdivision - can also put up a sign. Sun City is not a city - it is a subdivision community like Menifee Lakes or Oasis. Do they get their names up also?

  2. There are only six signs available. So I'm guessing the city would propose ones for "Sun City", "City of Menifee", "Romoland", and "Quail Valley". I'm told Menifee Lakes see themselves as a distinct community, along with Heritage Lake, and Oasis. So it could be a fight to see who gets the other two signs.