Mayor Calls for Less Campaign Contributions

menifee mayor wallace edgertonAt the State of City Address this afternoon, Menifee Mayor Wallace Edgerton called for efforts to reduce campaign funding and restore voters trust in their politicians.

In the wake of the Tucson shootings, which many analysts have blamed on angry political rhetoric going around the country, Edgerton called on his fellow city council members to create an ad hoc committee that would reach out to community groups, the media, churches, to earn back the faith Americans once had in their elected officials.

He specifically focused on campaign contributions, noting that there isn't any reason why businesses should feel they need to throw thousands of dollars at city council candidates.

In addition, the Mayor seemed pleased to report that the City of Menifee was fiscally sound. Despite the city not having the funds to widen bridges at Newport and Scott Rds, and not having funds to build bridges over Salt Creek, he reassured everyone in attendance that Menifee is doing pretty well.

Edgerton was also glowing to report on the hiring of a new city manager, William Rawlings, and named off a list of accolades and experiences, and built up everyone's expectations to quite a high level.


  1. No money for bridges? Lip service!

  2. It appears to me a lot of thought, time & money is wasted trying to bring my wife (Darcy Kuenzi) down.

    "The latest OMG"
    "Campaign donations from special interest groups" that's the best they can do? -Sigh-

    So none of the all knowing MUD slingers have any special interest?

    The majority of Menifee can see through this crap and want good leadership.


    ~ VOTE smart in 2012 ~
    Because you can't fix stupid!
    My opinion and in no way endorsed by my wonderful wife Darcy Kuenzi

  3. Mayor, Please take some of the cities money and fix the streets, potholes, plant some flowers thru out the city, and get someone to sweep the streets in Sun City, especially. Why have money and NOT take care of keeping the city clean and at least half way nice looking instead of dirty and run down, even visitors ask why the city is looking neglected.

  4. How wonderful they are reaching out to churches when churches are a tax exempt platform for political affirmation!

    So basically nothing is changing? Good job Menifee! Way to make a positive change.