MSJC Implements New "Tap Line" System to Report Suspicious Activity

We all know what has been going on lately with the recent development of guns and campus security. Arizona just had a shooting where a young man was expelled from college and shot 13 people at a Safeway, including the representative of Arizona, Gabrielle Giffords. While reading this article about Jared Lee Loughner, it had stated that he had been seen some days before the shooting with what appears to be the "same" 9mm gun, holding it pressed to his naked buttocks. So why did campus security not realize that he had possession of a dangerous weapon?

I attend Mt San Jacinto College and have never really thought about the dangers of being alone walking to and from class all the time. I have been blissfully unaware of the dangers while being alone on campus just because its day time. I suppose that I stereotype "bad people only come out at night"; obviously I am 100% wrong. Because of the recent events that are happening, more recently the gun shootings; the college that I am attending has put in some new previsions to help make the students feel safe. However, what I am about to explain does not take place of calling 9-1-1 when an emergency is happening on the San Jacinto campuses.

Here at MSJC, the campus police are implementing a new way to obtain information from students via Text Messaging. In a world where text messaging is dominating everything arises a great idea to be able to contact the CAMPUS police via text messaging. For example, you can text all the information in the world as you see it happening such as hair color, the car they may be next to or even the clothes they may have on! The campus calls this way of reporting the "Tap Line" where any activity going on may be reported without being recognized or seen. This system is monitored LIVE so be wary to those who feel the need to play jokes.

As I stated above, this is not to take place of dialing 9-1-1 when there is an emergency. This system is for the dispatchers who are on duty between 8am-10 pm Mon-Fri.


  1. Your chance of getting shot on the MSJC campus is less than getting eaten by a ravenous land-shark. Events like those in Tucson are one in a million, but the mainstream media hypes them up so much that the public is left dizzied and scared and demand that 'something be done'. Of course the politicians will gladly do something, namely taking away more of our liberties in the name of safety, and sadly most citizens will gladly welcome it.