CVS Pharmacy Coming to Menifee

CVS Pharmacy is soon coming to Menifee.

The Menifee City Council granted approval for a commercial building project to construct a 16,951 sq ft CVS Pharmacy on the south-east corner of Newport Rd and Bradley Rd. This is directly across Bradley Rd from the ARCO station.

CVS plans to operate a 24 hour store with two drive throughs, and 78 parking spaces.

CVS Pharmacy Menifee

The store applied for a license to sell alcohol, but initially the State Alcohol Beverage Control Board (ABC) found that the location of this store sits in a census tract that allows for a total of five alcohol licenses to be granted, and that there are already eight such licenses out there. The ABC left it to the city to make a determination.

The City Planning Commission decided to approve a ninth alcohol license to CVS Pharmacy based on the fact that the store is not located near schools, that alcohol sales is not its major profit center, and that it would actually be beneficial for nearby residents to buy alcohol from a retail outlet other than a gas station and not have to go all the way to Albertson's or Bevmo.

CVS Drug Store Menifee


  1. When is CVS going to start building?