Scott Mann Awarded for Service

Last night's city council meeting was Scott Mann's last city council meeting.

The one-term city councilman lost his reelection bid to Tom Fuhrman during the general election on November 2. Mann's term as city councilman doesn't officially expire until Tuesday, December 7, 2010, at which time Fuhrman will be sworn in.

In the council meeting, Vice Mayor Twyman claimed he lost a bet with Tom Fuhrman, whereby Twyman had bet that Mann would win his reelection bid. As payment for losing the bet, Twyman wore a white t-shirt at the meeting emblazoned with, "I Voted for Tom Fuhrman".

Scott Mann receiving award from Wallace Edgerton
But Twyman apologized to Mann claiming that it was nothing personal against him, and that he holds the highest regard for Mann, going on to say, "Scott Mann is a godsend to Menifee".

Mayor Edgerton presented Mann with a trophy for his service and gave a speech saying that "No one has put in more personal time into the City of Menifee than Scott Mann", to which Mann received a round of applause from everyone.

Scott Mann later told the audience that while he won't be on the city council after December 7, he wants to continue serving on the city's Veterans Committee.


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