Faulty Refrigerator Burns Menifee Home

A fire broke out at a home on the 29000 block of Squaw Valley Dr in Menifee this afternoon. CAL F...

A fire broke out at a home on the 29000 block of Squaw Valley Dr in Menifee this afternoon.

CAL Fire and Riverside County Firefighters were on scene at the single-story, single family dwelling which started in the garage and spread to the attic. Cause of the fire was determined to be a faulty refrigerator.

Three adults and two children were displaced.

Squaw Valley Drive Menifee


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  1. Is there anything we can do to help? Could the family use donations of $, home items, etc? I hope everyone was alright - were any animals involved? Maybe we can arrange a fundraiser or something to help this family. Please let us know!

  2. My husband was actually the one who noticed the fire and kicked in the front door with the neighbor. The homeowners were not home and there were two dogs in the back yard. Owners came home 30 minutes later when the fire department arrived. My husband tried to help with the fire by breaking the garage window and hosing down the inside, but unfortunately it didn't save the home. :(


  3. This happened to us in May..we are still waiting to get our garage repaired so hope they have different insurance than we do...the cause of our fire was unknown...perhaps wiring in the wall.... Fortunately we were home and got our pets out...rounding up 4 terrified cats was a little tricky! Our neighbors were a big help....

  4. Sandy, since you're a neighbor & know the family could you find out if there is a way we can reach out & help? Where are they living? Do they need help with meals, replacing home items, etc? Please let us know.



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