Southwest Healthcare System May Shut Down

Wow, the Press Enterprise is reporting that the State of California is going to shut down Inland Valley Medical Center and Rancho Springs Me...

Wow, the Press Enterprise is reporting that the State of California is going to shut down Inland Valley Medical Center and Rancho Springs Medical Center...

The state said problems at Southwest hospitals have included a failure to follow proper infection control practices, giving patients wrong doses of medication and failing to monitor newborns at risk for severe jaundice, among others.

I'm sure this will go through appeals, and it's going to take a long time before these hospital actually close up. And by that time, I imagine Southwest Healthcare will have addressed the problems.

That new Loma Linda Medical Center in Murrieta couldn't have come at a better time.

And I also imagine this kind of negative publicity for Inland Valley and Rancho Springs might shift some burden over to Menifee Valley Medical Center. But then again, I tend to doubt it.

My wife recently had surgery, and we opted to do it at Loma Linda in Loma Linda. How many people here have faith in any of the hospitals in South West Riverside County?


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  1. These hospitals are wonderful! Try doing some research on the subject of the issues that state is saying these hospitals have had versus their reaction to public hospitals problems. It takes a person passing away in a county hospital for it to have issues with medicare/medicaid (the state does not even attempt to take its license away), but with state permission southwest removes the baby lojack and it is in violation. Please read about the issue before making comments about how badly needed the Loma Linda hospital is needed. What we need is a state that fairly checks each hospital whether it is state run or privately ran!

  2. Steve,
    As usual, thank you for sharing! Unfortunately, I have been a patient at all three hospitals a number of times. From my experience, the Southwest system is overwhelmed, and the caretakers there are not quite as attentive and caring, nor as careful, as they should be. I don't know why this is, but the mistakes that I personally have encountered are unforgivible. Menifee is not much better. (Keep in mind, this is based on my personal experience!) I am holding my breath in anticipation of the opening of the Loma Linda facility. I have had wonderful experiences with Loma Linda!! I certainly hope that all 4 facilities stay open; but with great changes.

  3. You know I have also been to all 3 hospitals in the area and have had NOTHING but wonderful care. Menifee's ICU was very professional. Inland I was there 6 days and it was very nice with great care, the nurses were wonderful, very caring and knowledgable. Rancho Springs I have taken my children there and have had great care. Very through, I think there is more to all of this then we all know. I do not believe everything I have read in the paper,I believe what I have have experienced. Papers want to sell a story. I dont believe all the true facts are on the table. Come on support your local hospitals, they really do have great care. I for one say THANK YOU SOUTHWEST HEALTH CARE for a job well done.

  4. I have had nothing but positive experiences at the Menifee hospital. I've been in the ER, regularly admitted, and also the ICU. I have had only one experience in the ER at Inland Valley with my young daughter and was VERY happy with her treatment. I have nothing bad to say about these hospitals whatsoever, and I hope they stay open - - our community so desperately needs them.

  5. I heard from my doctor that Loma Linda in Murrieta is in name only and that it will be run by a "physicans group" in our area and that it will be no different from any of the other area hospitals. I hope that's wrong!

  6. I think a "Physician's Group" running the hospital means that a physicians who have privledges at Loma Linda and offices in our area will be the physicians that you will see at the local hospital. I hope that makes sense. It is still owned by the people that own Loma Linda and I can't imagine Loma Linda putting their name on a hospital that will be less than the best.

  7. My dad had had multiple terrible experiences at Loma Linda - so it goes to say that nothing is fool proof. Mistakes happen. I hope though for the sake of all our health, that these hospitals stay open and get it together. We desperately need them!

  8. I've only had good experiences at all three hospitals. I agree with Dave, the ICU facilities, the caring staff, we have a lot of choices here.

    My daughter had an issue with Rancho once, but I felt she was unreasonable in her expectations. These facilities have served my family from childbirth to life changing circumstances and I'm very grateful to have choices so close.

    I don't know if the state needs to stand down or not, but they don't get too many things right. Let's not assume they know what they are doing here. I certainly trust my doctor more than my legislator and a whole lot more than state minions.

  9. Very well said Mieke

  10. I have had 3 babies @ Inland and was very happy all three times. My mother, however, had a very bad accident and they could not even treat her there. They had to send her by ambulance to County because Loma Linda was full. In an emergency situation it was very scary!!!

  11. My son had surgery at Rancho Springs and then was transported to Inland for recovery. Both facilities were more than accomodating to him and our family. My son also had stitches at Menifee Valley and I would rather drive him an hour away bleeding than go there EVER again!