The Amboy Hoax

If you have never been through Amboy , then words will hardly describe the desolation of this long-forgotten town. To the best of my recolle...

If you have never been through Amboy, then words will hardly describe the desolation of this long-forgotten town. To the best of my recollection, less than 50 people live there at any given time. They do, however, have a U.S. Post Office, a restaurant, and a Police Force. Therein lies the hoax.

Amboy is a town on the back way from Twentynine Palms to Laughlin, having the highway run right through the middle of their fair town. As you can well imagine, travelers are usually moving at a high rate of speed through the desert when they reach the little oasis, and speed through like bullets. To slow drivers down, the town has purchased and maintained a Police car that sits along the roadside at the end of town, just to trick the drivers into slowing down. It works! I have seen plenty of drivers tail lights blaze red upon viewing just the sight of the car from a distance. By the time they get up on the vehicle, and see that it is a vintage 1950's Andy-Griffith-Mobile, they have slowed down to a moderate pace. Mission accomplished.

Knowing that funds are scarce in a new city, I know adding to a police force at this stage would be cost prohibitive. But can the city afford a couple of old Crown Victorias, paint them like Menifee Police cars and "stage" them at different school zones throughout town? They could rotate them, and shock some drivers into slowing down.

Just my thought on this lovely Menifee afternoon. What do you think?

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  1. They do this in Hemet, with a manaquin in the driver's seat.

  2. I was going to say that as well:)

  3. I've seen policemen park their cars on the side of the road, or freeway, just to sit there and not really keep an eye on anything. Yet it still has the same effect. So I think law enforcement is already doing what you're describing, but only to this limited degree.

  4. A major part of a Police Officer's job is writing reports for the various things they do in a day, arrests, crimes, accident ivestigations, etc. If an officer would place himself in a visible place and do some of their paperwork it would have the same effect. On the otherhand, if an officer is in a visible place but not paying full attention they are putting themself in a possible dangerous situation because unfortunately just being in a black and white patrol car they are a target.

  5. i say do it! maybe this will stop all the mom's from parking in the RED FIRE zone at the crosswalk on Ridgemoor and Phoenix! They are constantly blocking the cross walk and all it's gonna take is one kid getting hit. If you want a good spot, get there early. The curb is RED for a reason people!

  6. This works, I worked for Long Beach PD for 35 years (our Mayor Is also from there and maybe he remembers this) and several times a year we would park a Blk and Wht on the 7th street off ramp from the 405 Frwy. This worked great. Most people would come off the Frwy at 65 to 70 and seemed not to see the posted 40 mile an hour sign's. As the above writer stated, we would have a manaquin In uniform seated behind the wheel.

  7. I say park one in various school zones around the city in the mornings and afternoon's. Let's see how many motorists take the "when children are present" speed limit a little more seriously.

  8. Amboy really??? It’s desert and old lava flows who cares if they are doing 200mph?? What are they going to hit? I am exaggerating for effect obviously but seriously have you driven by there? A reasonable skilled driver and a sport car should be able to safely go 150mph

  9. I HATE COPS!!!

  10. Wouldn't it be nice to see this OR A REAL COP at Bradley by the High School (PVHS) as drivers go up the straight through lane and then cut off turn lane traffic onto a 1 lane road (Bradley) as they turn left to go to the school- no one wants to wait in line but this is dangerous and wrong! Drives me crazy



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