Where is Menifee?

Menifee is the biggest city you've never heard of. When people ask me where I'm from, I tell them "Menifee", and they say...

Menifee is the biggest city you've never heard of.

When people ask me where I'm from, I tell them "Menifee", and they say "Oh, where's that?"

A year ago, councilman Mann wanted to put some effort into "branding", meaning make people more aware of where Menifee is, and what kind of city we have. I've seen the "Welcome to Menifee" sign there on Newport Rd & Goetz Rd.

It used to be that real estate developers did all of this branding work. They'd run advertising campaigns in newspapers telling everyone what an idyllic place Menifee is. But without them, nobody hears that name anymore.

Of course, I like living in a quiet, tight-knit community; I don't necessarily want more people living here. But I think creating some positive "branding" will help property values.

For example, I remember hearing from people that they opted to buy a house in Temecula because they heard that the schools were better. That's positive branding, which helped Temecula homeowners enjoy higher property values.

So, I'm curious to know if anything else has been done to create "branding" in this city.


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  1. Well speaking of "branding", one thing I think that could bring in a positive attitute to the younger crowd is a focus article on the artists and designers in the city. I can account for at least five local artists, ranging from musicians and photographers to award-winning designers who live within the confienes of our little slice of California pie!

  2. Or like a site that showcases all the designers in Menifee.

  3. Back on topic... I actually met with some city management several months ago on this exact issue. I spent the entire meeting educating them on the importance of branding and marketing for the city. I recommended they consider incorporating both a more modern approach with a touch of rural/rustic flavor. They were struggling with the idea of keeping the rustic image/feel for the city and were leaning towards it being strictly progressive. I'm extremely curious on their final decision and hope they make the right decision.

  4. A part of the branding of the City of Menifee is having the Postal Service attach the name of Menifee to all of the zip codes within the City Limits. Many of those individuals that want to keep the names of unincorporated communities such as Sun City were active with the "No Cityhood" movemnet. One can remember that Cityhood won by nearly 62% to 38%. Many voted for cityhood to not have Romoland, Quail Valley or Sun City as part of their mailing address.