Bridges Needed Over Salt Creek

If this week's rain storm proved anything, it's that the City of Menifee needs to build brid...

If this week's rain storm proved anything, it's that the City of Menifee needs to build bridges over the Salt Creek at Murrieta Road and Bradley Road. Or at least one of those roads.

With Murrieta Road and Bradley Road closed at Salt Creek, it created an absolute mess in Menifee, with gridlock traffic on Newport Rd and McCall Rd. The I-215 was the only connector over the Salt Creek.

Todd Reed submits this photo of Salt Creek flowing over Murrieta Road, taken today by his wife...

salt creek in Menifee


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  1. Menifee Road at Matthews Road is a complete disaster as well.

  2. And let's not forget "Lake Newport" washing out Newport Rd.

  3. It would be nice to have detour signs placed when the city closes a road. Being new to the area, it's rather frustrating to drive around and hit one closed road after another.

    Maybe the city could update their website with a list of road closures.

  4. A list of area closures would be quite helpful! I have no idea how to tell my husband to get home, since I don't know what roads are open.

    Would be nice if the RCSD posted something on their site too.

    What a MESS!

  5. I couldn't agree more, Steve. And it isn't like this is the first time this has happened (to this extent).

    Every year, when we get any measurable amount of rain, Newport floods between Berea and La Ladera. Occasionally, we get a little more than just a measurable amount of rain and we end up with the situation we have now - one side of the city essentially cut off from the other side of the city.

    And Anonymous, I can definitely feel your frustration. Not because I'm new to the area - quite the opposite. But I live in the tract of homes on the SE side of Salt Creek. Our neighborhood typically ends up being overcome with commuters trying to find a way home. And they usually end up driving in circles through the neighborhood trying to find their way out. This is largely because usually there are detour signs in place, however, the detour ends up leading nowhere other than from one side of the housing tract to the other.

    I understand what the lack of detours does to create the frustration of people trying to get home from work. I have spent more days in my driveway feeling sorry for (and admittedly, laughing on occasion) at the people trying to get to the other side of Salt Creek. I've had countless people notice me and actually stop to ask how to get where they are headed. Their reaction is usually one of either complete horror or total disbelief when I tell them, for example, that the easiest way to get to La Ladera, is a way that is going to take them several miles out of their way.

  6. Does anyone know how to get from Elsinore to Murrieta and Newport tonight?

  7. Anonymous @ 7:28 PM, actually you can take Bundy Canyon Rd east, and it takes you to Murrieta Rd, turn left to Newport. I think Goetz Rd is closed at Canyon Lake.

  8. If you want to get to Murrieta and Newport, you'll have to get off the 215 at Newport. Murrita Rd. is blocked at Salt Creek and Bradley is blocked at Salt Creek.

    Alternatively, you can also travel south to Clinton Keith Rd. in Murrieta and take it to the I-215, still exiting at Newport Rd.

  9. I heard Bundy Canyon was closed somewhere between I-15 and Murrieta Rd., which is why I suggested Clinton Keith. But I don't know that for a fact.

  10. Well if Bundy Canyon is closed, then the only way to get from Elsinore to Menifee is Hwy 74 into Perris!

  11. Yes, Scott Rd (Bundy Canyon) is closed west of the 215.

    Scott Rd where it meets Winchester was totally washed out earlier, I don't know why it's not on the list of closures on the site.

  12. picked up my daughter in high school, what usually takes 10 mins drive home(La ladera) took me an hour drive today. I have to go on 15, exit McCall. Newport was a mess, and didnt end there, 15 N and then McCall!

  13. What are the chances that the part of Murrieta Rd in the picture will not be flooded tomorrow morning at 6:30 on my way to work at Target?

  14. How many of you had to be ferried to Menifee Valley Middle School to get your kids Thursday? The school was surrounded with water like a moat. How did the teachers get out? That school really sucks as far as picking up your kids, even on a good weather day.

  15. Will,

    In the hopes that you will see this before you have to leave for work, the chances of it not being flooded are pretty slim, considering it rained pretty much all night long. I left for work @ 3:00 this morning and the road block on the south side of Salt Creek at Murrieta Rd. and Park City Ave. was still up.

  16. It took me about 4 hours to get home last night with all the traffic and road closures. I have only found 1 route to get me to and from my house. I live over on the other side of the closures between Canyon Lake and the Newport closure. I think I ended up taking the 215 to McCall to Ridgmoor to La Ladera and down back out to Newport. Anyone else have any other ideas of how to get from the 215 or the 15 to Quail Valley?