City Council will vote tomorrow on $9,400 permit fee for "LIVE Entertainment"

I LOVE Menifee, and one of the things that I love most about Menifee is the excitement of our City's potential, a place where we can someday Live, Work AND Play. For many of us... all we do is Live here... not much Work OR Play available locally. And now the City wants to require an almost $10,000 deposit to be paid by our TWO venues who regularly offer LIVE Entertainment, Bob's Pitstop and The Ponderosa, as well as less than 1/2 dozen other venues who even have the capability to offer Live Entertainment on an irregular basis.

It is my understanding that our existing venues will be allowed up to 5 years to obtain the conditional use permit, but new businesses must pay the fee up front.

I am wondering why such a hefty fee should be charged when we are trying to encourage business growth in Menifee, especially in the Entertainment arena where we are surely lacking.

This issue will be decided tomorrow at the City Council meeting which starts at 7:00 pm. Here is a link to tomorrow night's agenda, and instructions on how to voice your opinion at the City Council meeting.,%202009%20City%20Council%20Agenda.pdf

Visit the Press Enterprise Julissa McKinnon's article here:

I, myself, am one of the "soda drinkers" referenced in Ms. McKinnon's article, that enjoys live music, and have visited both taverns to listen and dance to live music. At no time have I ever experienced "too loud" of music while inside these venues, let alone outside of them. Surely not on the Saturday night a few weeks ago when I was the youngest one, by a good many years, line dancing at the Ponderosa.

"Too loud" of music is in my car, while I'm alone, stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeway, and my radio is turned up real loud so that I can't hear myself sing. Now THAT would be more worthy of a $9,400 fee!


  1. This clueless crew who is the city council is embarrasing. Let's work on the basics first. Infrastructure, crime, jobs, vacant homes, etc. No, city council wants to regulate every little non issue detail. Good grief, tattoo parlors, my 78 year old Mom has a tattoo, sorry Mom, can't come to Menifee. City council would like to regulate smoking, hookah lounges, and $10,000 entertainment fees. I guess these are easier than dealing with everyday realworld issues here in Menifee.

  2. That is because the skumbags who run "menifee" are just looking to add $$$$ to menifee's bank account. Why else would they be out "code enforcing" and "ticketing drivers" in other areas, like their nazi takeover of Romoland, I never see anyone getting a ticket in menifee, but the menifee pd routinely sits up on hwy 74 in Romoland and tickets people. So naturally, I would expect them to run over to Sun City and extort money from the Ponderosa for having live entertainment, typical of menifee!

  3. Seems the same insanity that has overtaken Washington and Sacramento has taken up residence in the Menifee City Council. When is America going to wake up??

    Come out to the Wooden Nickel Ranch on Dec 13 to get involved in bringing sanity back to our government on all levels.