Breakfast Club of Menifee Now Open

Last Wednesday, Breakfast Club of Menifee opened its doors. This morning my wife and I ate there. As expected, there was a lot of people t...

Last Wednesday, Breakfast Club of Menifee opened its doors.

This morning my wife and I ate there.

As expected, there was a lot of people there. We managed to get in around 8:30am, and by that time folks were waiting in line. By the time we got out, the waiting list was longer, with folks standing outside, and other folks sitting at the firepit and patio, all waiting to get in.

Overall, we were quite happy with the food and the service, and the prices are very reasonable. In fact, breakfast for two seems to be about the same price we usually end up paying for IHOP or Coco's.

The tables are all covered with cloth, and then covered again with paper, which is nice because they just lay a clean sheet of paper when cleaning off a table instead of wiping it down with a mucky rag.

They had three wide screen televisions that I could see, but I don't think anyone was watching. The noise level inside the dining room was quite high, which could be a positive or a negative depending on how you look at it. The atmosphere was quite lively.

Service was excellent. The servers kept us well attended, very well courteous, kept my coffee filled. Breakfast came out promptly.

The tables are grouped rather tightly together, allowing just barely enough room for servers and customers to get around. As of right now, they still have rented, collapsable chairs, as their permanent chairs have yet to come in. A little girl seated at a table next to us, fell through her chair somehow and hit the floor.

The morning sun tends to shine through the windows, and even with the blinds drawn close, the dining room manages stay rather warm.

Food was very good I thought. I ordered the Southwest Taco Omelette, which had ground beef, lettuce and onions, topped with tomatoes and guacamole. It came with the breakfast potatoes, which I was told was Tracy's own recipe, which has a very fresh taste to it, with very little (or perhaps no), seasoning.

My wife had the apple cinnamon pancakes, which came with the pancakes in small bite sized pieces, and slices of apples. She ordered a side of breakfast sausage, which came in a three count, in the larger size.

They have a patio on the side if you'd like to eat outdoors.

The parking lot in that part of the shopping center has a lot of cars pulling in and out and navigating around now that Breakfast Club of Menifee is open. Once that Hana Sushi opens up, there's going to be a lot of activity.

The side patio has service, however folks seated there were waiting to get in. The restaurant needs a wrought iron gate to around the patio.

Every table was taken inside, and the place was hoppin'

Biscuits and jelly is served while you wait for your meal.

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

Southwest Taco Omelette, with breakfast potatoes, and sourdough toast. The sausages were a side item my wife ordered.

Still priced in the same ballpark as IHOP, Coco's, or Denny's. The omelette is priced $2.00 less than IHOP.


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  1. Thank you for keeping us posted on where we can eat good food in Menifee. I like the looks of those pancakes.

  2. Is concern about price really that important? I am sure the owners of that business invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to give the community a nice place to enjoy breakfast. If we continue to nickle and dime every store we enter, there will be very few stores for us to enjoy. Let's show our appreciation by frequenting this establishment without pinching every penny.

  3. Awesome coffee and the fresh biscuts melt in your mouth. Service was super, thanks Kim.
    Prices are very fair ( that means we can leave more for a tip ).
    I hope this establishment flourishes.

  4. Sorry some people do need to watch the costs of things. I don't see what is wrong with that. I am glad to hear that this place is reasonable.

  5. Looks like a very nice place to enjoy..and its nice to see the one an idea of what to expect....prices are important in our economy and we do pinch every penny...the omelette looks very yummy and I hope the coffee is good.

  6. I thought that Steve's comments were very correct. The food was great and the price very reasonable. However, the noise level was very high. The chairs were not that comfortable. It was great to hear that the permanent chairs are ordered.

    I do have one question for Steve. Is there a business going into the large, vacant space sharing the outdoor fire place with the Breakfast Club?

  7. Absolutely appropriate to talk about price, service & ambiance. We are a community and we appreciate local small businesses who are in tune with our needs here. Thank you Steve. No point in business owners thinking it doesn't matter.

    I can't wait to join up.

  8. We enjoyed our visit. Great service, food was good, was so happy to hear better chairs are on the way. I wish the owners nothing but success. I was in the restaurant business for 40 years . Long hours, sore feet and sometimes very angry patrons. We will be back often glad you are open

  9. Steve, thanks for sharing your dining experience at The Breakfast Club. I'm sure the food is delicious there and it seems reasonably priced. I wish The Breakfast Club all the luck in the world, and I hope they're a part of this community for years to come.

  10. Menifee 24/7 is so GREAT!! We even get first hand pic's of our newest dining experience!
    I personally hope that the "Menifee Breakfast Club" is a HUGE success and I wish them nothing but great years to come here in the great City of Menifee :)
    Marcy Riehm


  12. We just love this place - have been there every day since they opened! We want to try everything on the menu. The staff are all attentive and friendly. I like that the staff have that All-American-clean cut look.

    Keep up the good work!

    PS. B-fast club owners, you may want to take over that place next door! (Remember Carnitas Express? They started as a tiny taco stand in the 80's; now look at them!)

  13. I partly agree with the previous poster, regarding prices. There are some of us the will spend a bit more to get a good meal. Something different and great tasting. not every eatery in Menifee needs to be a cheap 2/$20 place that serves the same old thing. I moved here from OC in 2004 and miss the little independant, good restraunts. I've got $$ to spend in our city, why not let me!

  14. don't really care for the decor

  15. Visited this morning. We were lucky enough to be seated within 5 minutes. The atmosphere is similar to Pancake House in Temecula. Ordered Vegetarian Omelet, Southwestern Omelet and Banana Pancake to share with my husband. The omelete's were nothing to brag about, they were good but lacked flavor (in my opinion), but the pancake was DELICIOUS!!! The fresh squeezed juice was wonderful as well. I will definitely come back again and again. I wish this new establishment the best of luck!!!

  16. Well I have to say that my family and I did not have the best experience when we went, one week ago. I have three daughters one infant, a seven year old and a ten year old. First we had to wait for thirty five min, because there is not enough seating. Not only did we have to wait we did it standing! The heat in the front of the menifee breakfast club is almost unbearable. They have a barista bar there which is nice in winter but in the summer at least put a fan or turn up the A/C. So finally we are seated at a table. When I go to rest my arms on it, it sways back and forth. Not a very good situation for a table full of children. So luckily enough a booth opened up. When we got there we took a look at the menu. To my surprise no childrens menu!! Ok whats up with that? So we still stay. I mean we got a seat now right? Smooth sailing! The waitress comes and asks about drinks. We simply say water. After standing in the heat for thirtyfive mins. Then she bounces away to get the water. Twenty mins later we are left tired, thirsty and wondering what the hell we are doing there? So we got up gathered our children and left. In passing standing at the front whoever the man was running the place simply said "sorry". So that nonfamily friendly resturant is diffently not for us. I haven't even tried the food and I will not go back to try.

  17. My wife and I ate at the Breakfast Club Monday morning and found it to be very nice. I agree, it is not very children friendly and I will probably not take my grandson there but I will take my parents and friends there. It was a very nice surprise when it comes to breakfast for adults and older kids.Friendly staff, news on the TV, good food and a newspaper.

  18. comment on the July 20, 2009 2:43 PM post.

    It's not uncommon to wait for available table at new/good restaurant. I don't know how you can fault them for being too busy. As far as standing to wait for your table. There are 25+ seats right outside of the restaurant next to the fireplace.
    Finally, why wait 20 minutes for a drink order? After 10 minutes at the most look for a manager.
    This is a new place, lets give them a chance.

  19. No where is there a mention of the Breakfast Clubs' hours of operation. Drove by to see if posted on their door...saw nothing yet! Could someone tell me when they are open/close and if this is a 7-day a week restaurant.
    Thanx in advance!

  20. The last time I was there I was told they open from 5:30 AM to 2 PM
    I didn't ask if that was 7 days a week of if those times were perminate.

  21. Once the bad reviews come up the place will be locked up tighter then a drum. A family friendly place does not belong in Menifee.

  22. Wow, I am a little surprised to read such a positive review of this place. I have talked to about 4 different people that have had opposite opinions. I went myself last week and didn't think it was as horrible as I have heard but I also didn't think it was anything special. I would much rather drive a few extra miles to go to Coco's where the staff is nicer & food is better.

  23. After reading most of the comments I wonder if the blog owner is not posting the negative feedback. I have heard nothing but bad things about this place but decided to give it a try myself. It wasn't too great. Plus I think I was seated at the same table as one of the "anonymous" writers, isn't this place too new to already have bad wobbly tables? I ordered potatoes & eggs...the eggs were acceptable but the potatoes were very dry & the onions & peppers were pratically raw. I don't see this place staying open longer than 2 years.

  24. Thank you for your input, I too am a family man and have to include my kids in restaurant decisions. This is not old dead and tired Sun City, this is a growing family community..if restaurants won't accomodate the majority they will face dire circumstances. It is not as much as the price but the level of service..sounds like they have fallen short.

  25. Thanks for the details. I especially appreciate the pic of the receipt : )

  26. I wish people would stop publishing Anonymous, so I can let you know exactly who I'm talking to. Anyway, Anonymous... Yes, Price is really that important! Many of us have budgets to keep, but we still enjoy being able to go out to a restaurant now and then.

  27. I read a posting a few months back that this place will be gone in 6 months. With all the negatives that just might be true. My family was not impressed with this place.

  28. In this economy we should be receiving superior service from all eating establishments. if not soon the doors will close.

  29. Coco's????? That place is filthy.

  30. Don't you have to be 65+ to eat at that Coco's?? Last time I went there I was farted on 5 times by the old guy standing next to me, while my family waited for a table. I think I'll pass on the coco's!! I have yet to try the breakfast club, though I am eager.

  31. My family and I visited this place yesterday and it was Ok. Slightly better priced than IHOP and about the same as Coco's. The atmosphere is stuffy and tight and the food tasted good - nothing special - similar to Denny's. It should continue to draw people b/c of the lack of choices in Menifee and portion size (People are not going to order cottage cheese and fruit here).

  32. A breakfast place (especially one called Breakfast Club) should be the one place I would assume would be family friendly. I mean who eats formal stuffy breakfasts? I personally dont take my kids to restuarants like Red Lobster etc - because I know its a special treat for me and I would like others to enjoy it as well....but pancakes? Kids love um!! Breakfast should be family friendly! I havent been yet but will be sure to report back when I do!

  33. My son, Seth and I, have eaten at the Breakfast Club a number of times, and each time has been a positive experience.



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