Districting Forums Scheduled

Yesterday the City of Menifee held a workshop forum on creating city council district lines. I wasn't able to attend. But there are tw...

Yesterday the City of Menifee held a workshop forum on creating city council district lines. I wasn't able to attend.

But there are two more workshops scheduled...

  • Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 10:30 a.m. – Menifee City Hall, 29714 Haun Road, Menifee, CA

  • Tuesday, June 30, 2009 at 7 p.m. – Heritage High School Theater 26001 Briggs Road, Menifee, CA

I won't be able to attend tommorrow's either. But I'll shoot for the last one.

The forum will include an informational presentation by Douglas Johnson of NDC, on the process of drawing districts. It'll then shift to audience participation, where listeners will be given forms to show their possibilities for districts, and definitions of their own community's identity.

The City also plans to announce a webinar with the consultant that will allow those who wish to hear the information presentation online. The date and sign in information for that webinar will be released later in the week.


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  1. For the Saturday meeting, there was good attendance. The presentation was very informative.

    The comments from the audience showed nearly all were not supportive of "At District." The support was more for "At Large."

    From my perspective, "At District" could encourage a disruptive environment for the City of Menifee from constant redistricting for decades, questions about boundaries, and voters not being able to vote on the other four council members. Another point was that "At District" was not adopted by many cities in California until a city hit a population of 175,000 to 225,000 residents.

    It was further mentioned that the residents from three Sun City, Arizona jurisdictions were very upset when efforts were made to put the three cities into one political district of 175,000. population. These residents lobbied to place each Sun City into a district. Thus, the Seniors were able to dominate politics in three districts instead of only one.

    If those Seniors pushing for a district of only Seniors in the core being shelved into one district, they could lose their influence on the other four council members. Ann Pica and her group could out smarth themeselves and be instrumental in losing significant influence for Seniors in the City of Menifee!

  2. chuck.theone.reutter@gmail.comJune 28, 2009 9:55 AM

    The voters have cast their vote. Why do you think the people in Iran were so upset about their election results?

    The Menifee City Council needs to tell the truth instead of calling the voters stupid. But, lack the courage to do this. The Thursday night presentation had most of the people who attended were in favor of districts.

    I wonder why so many are hiding behind ANONYMOUS? What happen to the home of the BRAVE? Is Menifee the home of the WIMP?

  3. I wish to make some comments. We do not live in Iran. Comparing our election to theirs is the same as comparing apples to oranges.

    It is too bad that you and your group thinks of yourself as stupid. It is your determination of yourselves and not ours or I believe the City Council.

    The more is studied on having "At District" the more problems are identified with having this system for a city that has grown 50% since 2000 and is slated to have explosive growth to at least 4.5 times its current population over the next thirty to fifty years.

    It has been noted that "At District" is more appropriate for cities that have stable growth rates (nearly built out or built out) and has a population of more than 200,000 population. The City of Menifee population is only 64,000 persons.

    As for support, it is not surprising in middle of Senior land -Webb Hall located in the Sun City Civic Association- would have more in support of "At District." The meeting on Saturday was the reversed. Nearly all in attendance that spoke up supported "At Large."

    Let's first have a debate before an election and then have a secret ballot of all residents throughout the City. To try stonewall a revote through legal action is more in the nature of Iran. To try to take away 4/5ths of my vote, deserves a thorough debate and a revote.

  4. This is in response to both Anonymous posters (who may or may not be the same person) and to Chuck. Anonymous #1 first:

    FYI - It's BY District, not AT District. If more than four people had attended the BRC meetings, they might have learned that.

    Since only an average of about four people attended the BRC meetings, I can safely say that there aren't many people that actually heard discussion from the committee members about the different forms of governance. However, anybody that has seen the BRC report or has done any research on their own should be able to see that BY District is by far the least desirable form of governance out of the three basic forms of governance. But just because Menifee does not have a population 175,000 or more does not mean we need to act like lemmings and play follow the leader.

    And do you think the possibility of three seniors dominating politics in our city wouldn't exist under an At Large system? Do you really think the seniors would lose influence if they were grouped into one district? Have you actually looked at the majority of the people that attend city council meetings? I highly doubt the seniors will lose that much influence if they somehow got lumped into one district.

    And Chuck, you are right. The voters did cast their vote. And I think those that voted "BY District" have some reason to be upset. But I also think the voters got cheated. Not by those that campaigned for "BY District", but by the California Government Code. Specifically the poorly written Government Code section(s) that limited us to "At Large" and either "BY District" or "FROM District", but not both. And before all the "that would split the district vote" people jump on the bandwagon, no, it wouldn't. It's all in how it's placed on the ballot.

    But I have never once heard any council members refer to any of the voters as "stupid". Those are your words and the words of others that choose to hear what someone is saying rather than actually listening to what they are saying. If you are referring to Mayor Edgerton's comments about people not knowing what they were voting for, I believe that was taken out of context.

    And finally, Anonymous #2.

    As it stands right now, nobody could possibly take away your right to vote for 4/5th of the council positions because you don't have that right. Currently, you have the right to vote for 1 position. That 1 position is the position that represents your district.

    And my own commentary -

    I know how I voted in last June's election. I know how I would like to see the city governed. I know what I learned as a result of the Blue Ribbon Committee. I know my own personal feelings on whether or not we should have a new election. I know I would be more than happy to debate with anybody at any time and I know I can take a position on either side of the issue in a debate.

    And I know I'll join Chuck in posting my name.

  5. Todd, you are right regarding the District System being called as "By District" instead of "At District."

    Remember, the "At Large" allows for everyone to vote for five council members. The "By District" only permits the voter in City of Menifee to vote for only one. Do simple mathematics. One loses 4/5ths enfranchisement under the "By District" system.

    Yes, many Seniors are at City Council meetings and special workshops. However, the Seniors are not lock step with Ann Pica and her group. Additionally, many younger voters are just as interested in local politics as Seniors but are too busy commuting back from theie jobs and raising children to attend many meetings. They do vote as indicated in the support for Cityhood in the June 3, 2008 election.

    Thre are many problems with the "By District" system that will be stated and restated during a campaign for a revote. Let's have that debate which is a better system--"At Large,: *By District," "From District."

  6. chuck/theone.reutter@gmail.comJune 29, 2009 6:11 AM

    Again, ANONYMOUS to me means a coward who wants to influence people without revealing his/her name. I think those who are signing off as ANONYMOUS may be members of our city council who lack the courage to tell the truth. As a result, I suggest we ignore their input and support those who are true Americans and post his/her name when writing about an issue on this blog.

  7. To above post:

    What exactly in your mind is a "true American"?
    Are you a "true American" because you put you name on a blog?
    Wow good job "true American" acting like a blogidiot.
    I don't care if you post your name or not it is the content of the posts I find interesting.
    BTW Chuck when will I see you picture on a box of Wheaties so I know what a "true American" looks like, oh wait nevermind I have a mirror and see a True American everyday.



  8. What ever happened to the citizens advisory committee?

  9. In response to the Anonymous issue - this has been debated and discussed in prior blogs.
    There is a security reason for some people using this form of address -
    I agree it is the content of the statement - not if it is signed that counts

  10. Folks, and you wonder why the rumor mill rules in our society. It has nothing to do with growing up and everything to do with the truth. Only cowards=anonymous would ignore the truth in favor of a rumor. Our city council people told us that we were misinformed when it came to the district/at large issue. In other words, stupid. The newspapers pick up on this. When are the folks who lost and are pushing for another election going to get it? Please go to >> http://www.smartvoter.org/2008/06/03/ca/rv/vote/kuenzi_d/paper1.html << and you can read all about the at large position taken by this person prior to the election.

  11. The last post came from Chuck Reutter. I do not know why my name didn't post.

  12. much better post Chuck. Instead of just attacking you provided details and support to your POV.


  13. Anonymous @ June 29, 2009 4:31 AM:

    "Remember, the "At Large" allows for everyone to vote for five council members."

    So does "From District".

    "The "By District" only permits the voter in City of Menifee to vote for only one. Do simple mathematics. One loses 4/5ths enfranchisement under the "By District" system."

    Simple mathematics tell me that we lose the ABILITY to vote for 4/5ths of the council members under a "By District" system. We do not lose 4/5ths of our enfranchisement.

    Losing 4/5ths enfranchisement implies your constitutional rights have been violated. Although disenfranchisement is possible under a By District system, a "By District" system is not disenfranchisement in and of itself.

    In order to lose your right to vote, you need to have been given the right to vote. The "By District" system does not take away 4/5ths of your right to vote because the "By District" system only grants the right to vote for one seat.

    There are problems with all three basic forms of governance. But if you are going to point out those problems, at least do so correctly.
    I'm currently working on a site to hopefully do just that - point out the similarities, differences, positives and negatives about the various forms of governance. And I'm going to try to do it in a non-biased manner. Hopefully, everybody will benefit from it and hopefully I'll have it done in the next couple of weeks.

  14. Chuck. I was shot in the chest in desert storm, recovered, requested to return to the front line. Assisted in the rescue of several other wounded troops and was discharged after I caught shrapnel in my hip. I will not put my name down because I have the right not to, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let some punk tell me that I'm not a "true American" kiss my $&& Chuck. (My apologies to anyone that might be offended.)

  15. To the poster "June 29, 2009 2:48 PM" - damn straight!

    In America we have the RIGHT to post AS WE PLEASE, be it named or anon.

    Thank you for your service to our country, even if it is to protect the rights of people who have opposing views to your own; that is what makes this the greatest country on earth.

  16. Should I feel disenfranchised since I can vote for only 2 of the 50 US Senators and 1 of the 435 Representatives? Similarly, I guess I'm disenfranchised at the state level. I can't vote for all of them, of course, because my interests aren't necessarily the same as people in Maine, Nebraska, San Francisco or the Central Valley.

    To the poster who describes heroic actions... Without a verified name, anyone can make such a claim in an attempt to win support for a position.

  17. The City of Menifee is not a state nor a Nation We are residing in a compact population area within a 47square mile geographic city limits. It was brought out by the demographer at Saturday's districting meeting that more than 90% of the cities have a "At Large" system to select their council candidates. There much be a compeling reason for nearly all of the cities in California to vote at large except for the largest cities such as Los Angeles. Yes, I will suffer 4/5th disenfranchisement along with experience other problems that have been noted in earlier blogs.

  18. To all the voices who are for at large for Menifee get over it you lost at the polls. All future elections will be by district or from district and the vote of the poeple will stand and that was districts. It does not matter if it was 1% or 20% the majority vote was by districts. I know for sure there is no need to debate or rehash an issue the people have voted for. It is time this city council excepted the will of the people who voted and get on with setting up districts. This city council continues to throw our tax dollars away $20,000 on a blue ribbon committee, $38,000 on NDC to show them how to place this on the ballot in a special election, and $35,000 - $40,000 for a speical election. Why do they do this because they know they will not get re-elected in by districts for the simple reason is they concentrate only on Menifee and have done nothing to aid the areas of Romoland, Sun City,or Quail Valley. They just spent another $70,000 on a private consulting firm at the last city council meeting. What imput have they asked from the communities? None and that is what you get with at large city council. Taxation without representation. The only people this city council is representing is developers and special interest groups.

  19. Anonymous