California Lawn Bowling Day

Apparently our Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger issued an official endorsement of "California Lawn Bowls Day", honoring California bowlers' "efforts to encourage awareness of the challenge of lawn bowling” a few weeks ago.

So in reponse to that proclaimation, The Sun City Lawn Bowling Club will host its annual "Saturday On The Green" Open House on May 9th. All are invited to come and try out this ancient sport at their greens, located at Sun City Blvd and Cherry Hills Blvd. in Sun City.

The event will feature free pizza, free drinks, and free lessons by champion bowlers from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Those interested in taking advantage of the free lessons should wear flat-sole tennis type shoes to the bowling green. All equipment will be provided without charge.

Here are some words from Conrad Melton, Committee Chairman of the Sun City Lawn Bowls Club...

Men and women of any age are invited to try their skill at this sport, which, for many, has become a lifetime activity. Bowls looks as easy as pitching pennies, but it is a finesse-and-strategy game, and has millions of devoted players all over the world.

Sometimes referred to as "billiards on grass," bowls is a sport for all ages, and is played as recreation – it's fabulous exercise for senior citizens – and as a highly competitive international sport. Its low impact form and unique social interaction appeals especially to adults and seniors, and many are surprised to learn that neither gender has an advantage in playing.

The Sun City Lawn Bowls Club was established with only one green in 1962. In the 1970s a second green was built by Club members. Sun City is one of 59 Bowling Clubs in California and has hosted visitors from all over the world. Every year the SCLBC hosts tournaments that attract competitors from the 28 Clubs in Southern California.
Saturday On The Green is an annual event. For information, call Tom Bentley, 951-679-1563 or . More information about lawn bowling can be found at


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