I-215 Closure Continues Until Next Tuesday

Caltrans issued an update to the I-215 closure at Murrieta Hot Springs, saying that the southbound lane is expected to reopen Sunday evening...

Caltrans issued an update to the I-215 closure at Murrieta Hot Springs, saying that the southbound lane is expected to reopen Sunday evening, while northbound should reopen next Tuesday...
MURRIETA – California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) closed both north and southbound Interstate 215 (I-215) just north of Murrieta Hot Springs Road on Wednesday evening due to a damaged 10-foot diameter drainage culvert under both directions of the freeway.

I-215 in the City of Murrieta will remain closed until the emergency repairs are completed. Caltrans expects to get the southbound I-215 open by Sunday evening, weather permitting. The northbound side should open to traffic by late Tuesday.

Caltrans Maintenance inspectors identified a depression in the median on Monday, February 16, that grew to a sinkhole approximately 25 feet wide by 6 feet deep in size by Wednesday. In addition, corrosion was subsequently discovered in the drainage culvert, crossing beneath the freeway that required the freeway to close on Wednesday evening for safety reasons. The engineers' estimate is $6 million to replace approximately 250 feet of the drainage pipe and remove and replace the asphalt pavement. Caltrans has hired SEMA Construction to complete the repairs under a District Director's emergency order.

The contractor is digging a 50 foot wide by 20 feet deep trench to excavate the pipe and replace it. His crews will be working around the clock through this weekend to get it open as soon as possible. Concrete backfill will be used to mitigate any effects from future corrosion.

Caltrans appreciates the public's patience as we work to get the road repaired and back open. To avoid delays, drivers are asked to avoid the area if possible over the weekend.


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  1. 6 million for 5 days of work. Now everyone can see why we are in a budget crisis. Do the math people..... That 1.2 millon in a 24 hour period. Grant it the employees are working around the clock and they have to replace the 250 feet of pipe as well as dig and refill the hole and finally repave the road. I bet anyone the road will sink a few inches within a month and the road will be bumpy. Don't get me wrong I do thank the men and women out there, working on getting the road fixed for us but please at 6 million?

  2. As long as the crew that repaves the road is not the same crew that did Antelope we should be okay. If it is the same crew that did Antelope in front of Christensen ranch then we are going to see alot of accidents.

  3. Thanks for the update.

  4. I Agree...SIX (6) MILLION!!!!????

  5. You can thank your state legislators for that one. Think of the amount of money going to insure liability to the project and the employee's out there. As well as the fees and environmental fee's they have to pay. I'm sure it was a 2/3 million dollar job but with the fee's they have to foot it goes way up.

  6. Anonymos, if you do the math concrete alone is 1 mill, then you have equipment. Have you ever priced heavy equipment? Traffic control? Or did you think the contractor splits the 6 mill with day labors. How much do you think it cost to have the chp sit out there to make sure trafic obeys road closed signs. How much is 10 foot dia pipe? How much does it cost to haul away the extra dirt? Not to mention cal trans makes sure the job is done right. How much does it cost to have to do the job actually right? How many construction companies can man a job 24 hours a day 7 days a week, drop everything there doing to fix a freeway? I don't have anything to do with this project, but it rude for people to make coments when they don't have any idea what there talking about.

  7. The Southbound lanes are currently scheduled to re-open prior to Monday morning's Rush Hour. The Northbound is still slated to open sometime Tuesday evening.

  8. Southbound and north were still closed when I went to work this morning.

  9. southbound was open Monday afternoon at 4;00 when I drove through. however the road was bumpy and not completed.

  10. To the blogger that said I do not know what I am talking about.......

    The road is open and it is nice to see what 6 million dollars gets us these day. The road is not smooth and is very bumpy and uneven. Just as I said it would. You must work in the constrution business as it would seem to be ok to spend 6 millon for a bumpy road. For 6 mill. you think it would have been a better job...... will see how much more we will have to spend to correct a job we already paid for... Truth hurts?? The point I was trying to make is just as the other blogger stated we are paying way to much for services that drain our state budget.

  11. Is the road done or just open? Because you can open a road but not be done with it to reduce overtime cost, and keep people happy. Like I said it is rude to make coments when you don't have any idea what your talking about. Mabey you get paid too much.

  12. I passed by it this afternoon, and all lanes are open, but it looks like they're still working on the drainage.

  13. True the road may not be done. How ever I highly doubt it will get any smoother. Just look at what some constrution company did to antelope road in front of the christenson developement. We see it all the time.... If you do work in constrution you should not be defending shady work.......



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