5.0 Earthquake felt in Menifee

San Bernardino (epicenter) had a 5.0 earthquake which was felt here in Menifee. Hopefully no one had any damage to their homes. For up to date information on earthquakes, check out the US Geologic Service. It was felt at 7:49 PM and occurred at a depth of 9 miles.


  1. Heard what sounded like a train coming towards my house and then just a real quick mild jolt.
    No damage here other than the wifes nerves.

  2. Thanks for the note Eric. My wife and I were actually dining out at the time this happened, and didn't really feel it, but the lights did blink off and on, and sounds like that's what caused it.

  3. My wife and I were in downtown LA on the 35th floor of the Bonaventure (sp?) hotel. We were in the lounge which actually rotates. We thought the shake was the movement of the room and had a conversation about being high up and "What if there was a big earthquake." Funny to learn later it was a real one.