Menifee City Seal Contest

The City of Menifee is in need of an official city seal, and is calling on city residents to submit their designs.

At City Hall, you can pick up an entry form to accompany your artwork. City Hall is located at:

29683 New Hub Drive, Suite C
Menifee, CA 92586
(click here for map)

Below is the information off of the entry form...

Contest Purpose: The purpose of the City Seal Contest is to find an emblem to represent the new City of Menifee. It offers an opportunity for community members to become involved in the new City of Menifee, and to contribute their artistic creativity to their community. The seal symbolizes the uniqueness and spirit of our city. The winning City seal will be used on letterhead, signs, publcity, buildings, etc. The winner will be invited to a City Council meeting to be honored by the City Council.

Contest Procedure:
  • Contestants submit entry forms and designs to the Menifee City hall on or before Wednesday, January 21, 2009. Entries are numbered and remain anonymous throughout the contest.

  • Professionals in the visual arts/printing/ and/or graphic media fields select the top ten entries based on the above criteria.

  • City Council members select a winner from the top ten entries. If the City Council prefers designs from more than one entry, the designs will be combined into one seal and multiple winners will be honored.

  • The City Council honors the winner(s) from the Menifee City Seal Contest at a regularly-scheduled meeting.

Entry Qualifications:
  • Anyone who lives within the Menifee city limits may submit an entry.

  • The design must

    • Express the uniqueness and spirit of the city.

    • Contain the name "Menifee". It may feature the date the city was established (October 1, 2008), a historical symbol, initial, or asbtract icon or graphic.

    • Be submitted in both color and in black and white. Each rendering is to be submitted on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.

  • There is no age restriction on the participants.

  • One design per participant

  • Entry entry MUST be accompanied by a completed Official Entry Form.

  • Entry and entry form must be submitted to the Menifee City Hall, 29683 New Hub Drive, Suite C, Menifee, 92586, by 4 p.m. on or before Wednesday, January 21, 2009.

***All designs become the property of the City of Menifee***
***Designs may be refined/modified by the City at its discretion.***

For entry forms or answers to questions, call City Hall at 951-672-6777 or email


  1. I hope they come up with something fresh and new; WITHOUT the wheat-stack picture OR some worn out "town of a lifetime". I'm banking on some of the college kids ds
    esigning a really worthy seal; hopefully something in gold. This is a great opportunity for creative minds !

  2. hey people of menifee city i wont to tell you that i wont to make a skate park aournd here place becusce i hate dealing with the police and people tell us skater,biker and scooter to leav we just wont a place to ride with no one tell us to stop ride


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