Used Clothes Needed for Local Kids

The 3rd Grade students at Evans Ranch and Freedom Crest Elementary Schools are collecting gently-worn clothing for the children in our community. Collection continues now until December 5th.

Drop-Off Locations:

Evans Ranch Elementary: Room 23
Freedom Crest Elementary: Office

How to Deliver the Clothing:

Clean and folded in bags
Labeled by gender and size

The clothes will be distributed from Evans Ranch Elementary

(distribution date and time to be announced).

Contact: Noreen McBride 246-7690


  1. I hope all the mommys take time to clean and press the clothes before they donate them; give these children only things that we would want our own children to wear. Anyone who has worked in church sales, etc know that some things that come in are unsalvageable; lets show these kids we love them. TAKE PRIDE IN GIVING

  2. Press? Do people still do that? Just sister loves to iron. I just buy the stuff that does not need it and take it our of the dryer right away. Yes, you make an excellent point. Giving should be something we can be proud of.