Santa Claus Is Coming to Town - Dec 7

Still another month away, but the gals at Lake Menifee Womens Club want to get out an early message that they are again sponsoring an afternoon for the children of Menifee to come and visit Santa at Wheatfield Park Gymnasium, Sunday, December 7, from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

Wheatfield Park Gynasium
28545 La Piedra Rd
(located next door to the Bell Mtn Middle School)

Games - Activities - Door Prizes - Refreshments - ALL FREE !
This event is geared for children in grades K -thru- 3rd grades

For further information: Contact Gloria Hetland @ 951/672-7277


  1. It says that this event is for K-3rd graders. Why not preschoolers as well?

  2. Why not for all ages? I still believe in Santa and I am 32 :-)

  3. This event is open to ALL ages!! Many of the activities are based for that age group of K-3rd, but children of all ages are welcome to this really fun event.

    Lake Menifee Women's Club


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