New Child Care Centers Opening in Menifee

Here's a press release from Child Development Incorporated concerning some new child care centers opening up in Menifee... Grand Opening...

Here's a press release from Child Development Incorporated concerning some new child care centers opening up in Menifee...
Grand Opening of CDC School Age Programs in Menifee School District Presented by Child Development Incorporated (CDI/CDC)

Menifee, CA October 27, 2008: Child Development Inc. (CDI) announces the grand opening of three new child care centers on the campuses of Southshore, Callie Kirkpatrick and Freedom Crest Elementary Schools in the Menifee Union School District. The centers serve children ages 4.9 through 11 years of age for before and after school. Specialty camps are offered during holidays and off track. Scholarships are available to families who qualify based on income. For more information, call 949-476-2445.

CDI has over 35 years experience working in Early Care and Education. We operate 160 Child Development Centers throughout the State of California, serving 15,000 children. We partner with over 30 school districts to provide before and after school academic and educational enrichment and kindergarten readiness programs to families. Our programs are funded by both parent fees and the Child Development Division of the California Department of Education and are licensed by the state. Our centers all follow Title 5 requirements, the most rigorous health and safety and educational requirements for child development centers in California. CDI programs are individualized, unique and specific to the needs of each of our local communities. Our commitment to building authentic connections with families and communities are of highest importance to CDI as we see this as essential in achieving excellence in our programs. We are like part of your family.

Join us for celebrations at each of the centers during the week of October 27th.

Monday October 27th, 2:00-3:30pm: Ice Cream Social
Tuesday October 28th, 7:30-8:30am: Bagel Bites
Wednesday October 29th, 2:00-3:30pm: Friendship Salad
Thursday October 30th, 7:30-8:30am: Hot cocoa, Coffee & Muffins
Friday October 31st, 1:15-3:30pm: Fall Festival & Raffle

Please contact us for more information and/or locations at our Regional Office of Child Development Incorporated (CDI/CDC) 949-476-2445 or visit our web site at


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  1. CDC is GREAT! Both of my girls attend CDC and since they started we hassle less with homework and reading. The center has an afterschool program that encourages kids to do their homework, it saves us so much time in the evenings!

  2. I am a single mother and I am greatful for this program. The staff is awsome with my kids at Freedom Crest and are great help to me! I needed this program!!

  3. We need to still support home daycares in Menifee. These home businesses allow families to stay in their homes and have an advantage of providing your child with a homelike enviroment.

  4. Home day cares in Menifee need to improve. We looked around for a good day care but gave up and enrolled our kids at CDC. Most are over priced, CDC is cheaper than quite a few of the home day cares, one lady wanted to charge us $150 per kid per week, give me a break. Some of the day cares were dirty, with no play areas and many of the homes had dogs running around and my daughter is allergic. When I show up at CDC to pick them up they are always disappointed and don't want to leave. The best part is that we don't have to have them transported to a day care because they both attend FCE.

  5. What about Chester Morrison?????? When do we get this fabulous program. I only need child care for my two children 30 mins before school and 2 hours after school twice a week. I've checked many home daycares and they want to charge $50 a day. Its not worth going to work.

  6. I agree, what about Chester. When my family first moved to the Menifee area over tree years ago we were at Oak medows and there was nothing there. I had to quit my job and stay home for 2 years. Now I am working again and they are at Chester and once again I have no child care.....

  7. If you look at the 150 per week. Say your child is there from 8 to 5 (8 hours) and most parents have travel time so really I am being generous. Most parents leave them 7am to 6pm(SERIOUSLY! I've SEEN IT)you are only paying $3.75 an hour so I am sure the people taking care of your child feel like "give me a break" it's $3.75.. nobody ever does the break down. It costs to have kids...And really $3.75 isn't a lot. Try doing the job... you're getting your money's worth!!! I feel sorry for the child care workers because of attitudes like the ones above.

  8. I can totally empathize in regard to the home day care work. After dealing with rude,disruptive,and bullyish behavior from one child and their parent, I gave it up.I would have this child from 7am til dinnertime most nights.So not only did I transport to and from school,I also had to feed after school snacks and sometimes dinner. That kid and her mother soured me to ever doing the daycare again. I feel that some people should not have kids.

  9. I believe that the person who stated that $150 per week is expensive is talking about a school age child who is at school from 7:30-2:00 and is still being charged that amount. Not a younger child who stays in the daycare the whole day. Plus, we are not talking about supporting home daycares here anyway, I think the topic is about how great is finally is to have options and CDC programs are a great option to have.

  10. I love CDC..they are clean, friendly, and my daughter never has an issue with other kids being mean. There is 6 to 8 kids per teacher and they actually pay attention to what is going on. A lot of at home centers tend to just let the kids run a muck. Not saying that all at home centers are bad, but for us, we will be sticking with CDC. It's much cheaper and I know my child is being taken care of.



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