Earthquake Felt in Menifee

It struck at 2:41am, October 2. USGS says it was a 4.0 centered 6 miles north east of Yucaipa. I felt it here in Menifee, kind of a light...

It struck at 2:41am, October 2. USGS says it was a 4.0 centered 6 miles north east of Yucaipa.

I felt it here in Menifee, kind of a light rumble.

Anyone else crazy enough like me to be up at this hour to have felt it?


Earthquake 5509094391003803872

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  1. I slept right through it!

  2. Yes, I happened to be awake. There was a slight groaning noise and the house felt like it was pushed slightly from North to South. It was very small compared to the Northridge quake which had me quaking for days.

  3. I'm a light sleeper and yes it woke me up. There was an ugly rumbly sound then a little shake. What was the magnitude?

  4. It woke me up. Thought I was dreaming.:}

  5. We felt it in Elsinore!

  6. Apparently our dog felt it and he decided it was necessary to wake us up ~ until I read the story, I didn't realize WHY he had wanted us to wake up, but now it makes sense!!

  7. Steve: You were probably still awake pondering your column about last evening's Cityhood event!I had hoped I would recognize you; I so wanted to meet you, but both the auditorium and the country club were wall-to-wall people ! If you didn't make it for some reason, let me know....I was trying to pick out that goatee! Or am I confused and you don't even have one?? You are a real asset to the community and I applaud your writings., I didn't know we had a jolt!

  8. This is so funny, I came to work this morning telling the girls "I think I'm crazy, but did we have an earthquake last night?" Then I went to Menifee 24/7 and I was not crazy. I woke up to my bedroom door rattling, but really nothing more than that.

  9. I slept right through it. Thank goodness cause earthquakes scare me.

  10. OOps.

    I thought that was just me and my wifes "activities" upon returning home after too many drinks.


  11. Anon @ 10:22am:

    I still have the goatee, and attended the ceremony, the ballgame, and the party. If you want to meet me, contact me from my "About Us" page and I'll see you at the Pitstop.

  12. My husband and I both flew out of bed and each ran into a different kid's bedroom which is our habit for earthquakes, fire alarms, etc. I had forgotten all about it until I read it here! Now I remember. The sound woke us first, then the jolt. It was over quick enough we forgot about it once back in bed!

  13. Perhaps it was Don Harris and the "ex-marine" having a rumble!!

  14. I felt it too. Woke me up and unlike the person above, I went by myself to check on the kids cause my husband is unaffected by earthquakes. They scare the S*** out of me though.

    Thanks for the confirmation about it Steve

  15. Menifee4Life@verizon.netOctober 04, 2008 2:40 AM

    Felt it. Here'e a great website for those of you that want to know where, when, and how big a specific earthquake is. This is a great tool for those who want immediate information.



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