Sun City Man Killed in Crash

The Desert Sun reports that an 84-year old man was killed in an auto accident Friday morning...

Richard Salyer was trapped in his Ford Ranger following the crash, which occurred shortly before 10 a.m. at Sherman Road and McCall Boulevard, California Highway Patrol Officer Ron Thatcher said.

Thatcher said the elderly man pulled away from a stop sign and directly into the path of the big rig driven by David Padilla, 22, of Pomona, who was unable to avoid hitting the pickup broadside, Thatcher said.
Salyer died at Riverside County Regional Medical Center shortly after.


  1. Sad. I'm glad that Mr. Padilla was not injured.

  2. Not even 24 hours after this accident my boyfriend and I were in the same position. We were driving home to Heritage Lake after our morning coffee @ the new Starbucks when an elderly woman pulled out right in front of us onto Mccall. I saw her inching out but I couldn't beleive she was actually going for bf thinks that she couldn't see our car beyond the bushes that were probably blocking her view. My bf who was driving swerved onto the other side of the road to avoid the accident. It's definately an unsafe area!

  3. On Thursday the family was released the autopsy said that Richard had a heart attack before getting into the car accident. So the accident was just that an accident he had actually already had a major heart attack resulting in his death.