Is Watering Lawns Unconstitutional?

An article published in the Los Angeles Times earlier this week reports that an environmental group is planning to urge the State Departmen...

An article published in the Los Angeles Times earlier this week reports that an environmental group is planning to urge the State Department of Water Resources to end pumping all water out of the San Joaquin Delta on grounds that using water for lawns and agriculture violates California's constitution...
Meanwhile, environmental groups such as the California Water Impact Networkare contending that many of our water-use practices violate the state's constitutional mandate that water be put to beneficial use to the maximum possible extent and that waste or unreasonable use be prevented.They particularly object to pumping water from the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta to irrigate thirsty crops like cotton and alfalfa, as well as lawns. These environmentalists plan to petition the state Department of Water Resources to permanently reduce Delta pumping. If state officials or the courts agree, it would affect virtually every aspect of water use.
The Metropolitan Water District, which supplies all of the water here in SoCal, gets a lot of its water from the San Joaquin Delta. Last year, courts ordered MWD to reduce its takes from the Delta by 40% to save a species of fish. Environmentalists now want that reduced down to zero.

(It would be interesting to see how many environmentalists have lawns)

Nonetheless, our local water district, EMWD, is implementing a "Stop Runoff" program that goes into effect this September 1, where they're going to penalize homeowners that have water running off of their property and into the gutter...

The fact that our water districts are losing water is perhaps the biggest reason why we need to put a halt on further housing development.

Stuffing more people into our new city is going to cause our water district to implement stricter rules, and make water more expensive.

Or put it this way, as homeowners who reside in Menifee, it's in our best interest to preserve what quality of living we already have.


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  1. Well I just got a nasty gram from my HOA telling me I need to water my yard more. Nope, I water it enough, if they want to pay the bill more power to them. My yard does this every summer and greens up during the winter.

  2. I am so sick of these environmental groups. They are actually ruining the environment but because all the liberal media gets the headlines people are not getting enough info. I ve had it with them I will water my lawn and make it green. There are things out there that you can buy that lessen the amount of water buy those and STOP TELLING ME WHAT I CAN AND CANNOT DO THIS IS AMERICA NOT THE SCOIALIZED STATE OF AMERICA. Enough already.

  3. Want to know the most dangerous people in America? Not Terrorist Cells, it's these environmentalist Kooks, led by Al Gore and all his sheep. These people's ideology needs to be defeated. They hold the reins on our Local, State and Federal Gov't and make everything more expensive and difficult.

    It's absolutely our responsibility to be good stewards of what God has entrusted to us, but most of these people are zealots and need to be countered and defeated with common sense and balanced solutions to our problems.

    Related: The Democrat Leadership in Congress has decided that there will be no discussion or debate about tapping our oil resources in this country. They need to be sent a message this fall, they are beholden to environmental special interests.

  4. So is EMWD going to drive around looking for run off? That is a big fuel bill.

  5. Did anyone see the ABC7 news report at 4:00 on the brand new water fountain at the Los Angeles Harbor in San Pedro, biggest in the state?
    But watering lawns is a problem???

    Gimme a break!

  6. I know we need to be careful to a point with water usage..but I agree with Steve in that we certainly don't need any more housing going in...and I also agree that environmental groups are ruining quality of life. We've invested alot of blood, sweat and tears on our landscaping. We don't drive any more than we have to, we conserve energy, we recycle, we don't go to the movies or go out except for work..and now they don't want us to have a nice garden to enjoy?

  7. Right on Jeff M. I could have not said it better myself.

  8. You know, I have my HOA telling to pour on the water . I have EMWD telling us to conserve water. I try to conserve but I keep getting these hate letters from the HOA. Something needs to be done to reign in the HOA's in a drought.

  9. Let me get this straight since you want your water bills lower you will not allow anybody to move in to Menifee. Is that not a little elitist? I am moving to Menifee (house is being built as we speak), I will use the water as I see fit and as much as I want. I can afford my water bill. I hate it when people who want to protect their prices want to stop people from moving into the area. Get off your high horse.

  10. Just because you can afford to pay high water bills, doesn't mean you get to use up all the water you want.

    The EMWD can and will impose a water contigency plan if necessary, and you're lawn too will have to brown with the rest of ours...

  11. Is EMWD going to subsidies the money I am losing in the value of my home because I have no curb appeal since my lawn and planters are brown and dead?

    Are they going to donate the rock so I can replace my dead grass that I am not allowed to water?

  12. Looks like it's time to buy some green landscaping dye. Cheaper than water. Just spray it on and watch the magic happen...

  13. I am not saying that people shouldn't move here...there are just so many lovely large new homes empty and waiting for families, why build any more for time being? Some streets every other house is empty..nice homes with large lots.We see them every day as a locksmith business..its very sad.

  14. I don't think EMWD will be donating any rocks to us. But if you want rocks, I saw a bunch of them over at Audie Murphy Ranch.

  15. Thanks Steve! LOL

  16. Steve I'm willing to help Audie Murphy off load some rocks only if you think it might help lower that realignment...not...who wants rocks in their yard, maybe here and there but not all...

  17. Rocks look sooooooo tacky. BTW if you put rocks down some environmental wacko might tell you that you can't have them because you are endaring some rock bug.

  18. Not to mention the fact that having healthy grass, trees and other plants around a house is actually beneficial to the environment. The grass and trees can actually help keep a home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, thereby cutting down energy used to cool and heat homes.

  19. I am so appreciative that so many of you have supported my point, I don't want a rock yard but if I can't water my lawn then what are we suppose to do? The environmentalists are ridiculous!

  20. Drip irrigation is a way to keep a lawn green and use a lot less water. Here's an article and illustration...

    The problem with this, is that you have to dig up your lawn, to install it.

    I think the city council should adopt an ordinance requring builders to install drip irrigation on all new homes.




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