Can You Change Your Address to Menifee Yet?

I just phoned the Sun City Post Office this morning, and asked if there has been any discussion on allowing residents to switch their addres...

I just phoned the Sun City Post Office this morning, and asked if there has been any discussion on allowing residents to switch their address from Sun City, Quail Valley, Romoland, over to Menifee.

The answer is that there hasn't been any discussion.

They still advise everyone to continue using your existing community name, and don't switch over to using Menifee yet.

Even though they advise not using Menifee yet, I tend to believe you can still do it as long you have the zip code on there. But I won't guarantee there won't be any screw ups.

In past years, I know I've seen some pieces of mail reach me with "Sun City" on the address label, even though I live in the 92584 zip code.


Zip-Codes 629771691044824114

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  1. Steve,

    There is an article in today's North County Times that addresses this question and answers it very well.

  2. I have resided in a family subdivision in the 92586 Zip Code (Sun City) since January 1990. One of the many reasons that I voted for cityhood was to have Menifee as an address instead of Sun City.

    I will be asking the Menifee City Council-Elect to explore options that best satisfy those residents that want to change the names of their zip codes to Menifee versus those residents that want to keep the original names (Sun City, Romoland and Quail Valley) of their communities.

    One option that I support is to move the 92587 Zip Code boundaries to include all of the family subdivision generally west of Murrieta Road. Zip Code 92587 will then be called Menifee. All of the senior developments would remain in 92586 and continue to be called Sun City.

    I understand that one reason that Heritage Lake residents voted for cityhood was to remove the name of Romoland from their addresses. Possibly some zip code boundary adjustment could be made there.

    The City Council-Elect and Postal Officials need to meet and discuss potential changes regarding the names of zip codes. A name change is important to me and I am sure to many other residents.

    Louis G. Mazei

  3. I absolutely agree with Mr Mazei, well said. I will also be asking the council to do the same, as one of the best things to come of this would to be having a uniform set of zip codes with the Menifee name. I would assume that this will play out much like the city of Riverside, where La Sierra, Arlington, University and the other communities still have an identity that is unique, but are unified under the name Riverside. The great thing about this moment in time is the fact that so many of us in the community care and are setting a course for our future. This is truly history in the making. A big thank you to Steve who runs this site, this has become a great place for discussion about our new city.

    Bill Gould

  4. I never though of this until I read the Californian article this morning. Seriously, the post office has such a difficult time delivering on our street. Hate to think how they will deal with any change. Can't count the times I have delivered neighbor's mail that was in our box.
    We have been 92584 for over 15 years, if I get my mail I don't mind the city written on the envelope. Several have complained but I wonder if that doesn't just make the postal workers angry

  5. It doesn't matter whether you use Menifee as your address as mail is sorted by zip code, not the town, and then by street. For those using zip code 92584, 92585, 92586 or 92587, all your mail is routed to Sun City regardless of the town and then sorted by zip code. As for misdelivered mail, the carrier handles thousands of pieces of mail daily that is delievered to approximately 600 to 700 houses on each route, so mistakes can happen.

  6. So then, what happens to us that are in Sun City but not in the 55+ area? We will me Menifee? I keep hearing "Sun City Core". Would someone please tell me what that means. I am curious. Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi Chattycathy,

    I don't think there are any official boundaries, but I found this information on the Sun City Civic Association web site:

    Sun City, California, located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego, sits in a valley ringed by mountain peaks. The core area contains 4,762 residences, all members of the Sun City Civic Association, an age 55+ community. The core area is built around two golf courses and the Civic Association provides numerous activities, including swimming, fitness, shuffleboard, and lawn bowling.

    Basically, it refers to the area that is bordered by Chambers Ave to the north, Salt Creek to the south, Valley Blvd to the west and I-215 to the east.

  8. dear fellow anon,
    Yes mistakes are bound to happen with the volume of mail the carrier has. I wouldn't want to do the job. My complaint is that it happens all the time.

  9. In response to Chattycathy, you will stlll maintain the Sun City address. The City Council needs to meet with the U.S. Postal officials and explore options to change addresses of certain zip codes or portions of zip codes in the Sun City, Quail Valley and Romoland areas.

    Louis G. Mazei

  10. "Sun City Core" is defined as those homes falling within the Sun City Civic Association. It's not necessarily defined by geographic boundary.

    Otherwise, "Sun City" has no other definition aside from the 92586 zip code.

    Just for further reference, there is a zip code map here...

  11. WOW! Thanks for all the responses. I appreciate it!

  12. i don't see why so many people are worried about the name of the new city as for mailing reasons or pride of living. the official name is menifee because the people voted for that name and given time, everyone will be told when to use that name. for the people that plan on bring it up in the city council meetings, do you really think or feel that it is an important issue right now for the council to worry about? i think i would rather have the council work on city government, police, city employees, road improvement, crime, development, traffic flow, cash flow, and a whole lot of other things then the name used on a letter (something the post office doesn't use). but that is just my 2 cents.

  13. In response to Dudeman

    The issue of changing the zip codes names to Menifee is important. Many living in Heritage Lakes in Romoland, Family Developments in Sun City and Canyon Heights residents find the changing the name of their zip codes very important. The City Council will need to address this name issue quickly.

    Louis G. Mazei

  14. In response to Louis, this is NOT a matter for the city council! It is strictly the jurisdiction of the Post Office. We live in Romoland(Heritage Lake) but we are already using Menifee in the address. As long as the zip code is right the mail will be delivered. Eventually, everyone that lives within the Menifee city boundaries will use Menifee in the address. The Post Office will send out notifications about when this will happen officially not the city council.

  15. To the poster that posted at 12:54 a.m. on 7/29/08,

    In the Calfornian on 7/25/08, an article written by Cathy Redfern and titled "Region: New city doesn't necessarily translate to new addresses" stated the following:

    "U.S. Postal Service spokesman Mike Cannone said recently that there will be no change, however, unless the future Menifee City Council requests that all addresses be changed to Menifee."

    I called the Post Office and they told me the same as stated above. The U.S. Postal Service will not initiate any changes unless asked by the City of Menifee Council.

    The name change is an important issue that many want their addresses change to Menifee while others want to have their addresses remain the same. The residents of the future city of Menifee needs to have a conversation regarding this issue.

    Louis G. Mazei

  16. Louis, the Post Office isn't saying that they're forcing people to use "Sun City", "Romoland", or "Quail Valley" on their addresses. They're simply saying that they are not going to issue any new instructions.

    Since all Sun City, Romoland, and Quail Valley residents now live in "Menifee", they'd be correct to put that on their address labels.

    Moreover, the Post Office isn't saying that changing your address to Menifee will screw up mail delivery. Because obviously, most other cities out there have multiple zip codes, and the Post Office doesn't have a problem with those cities.

    On the other hand, they're not going to make any guarantees either.

    Personally, I think you're free to put Menifee on your address label right now.

  17. Sun City and Romoland and Quail Valley who wants to change new address of "Menifee" It will cost Post Office to change those. Sun City, Romoland and Quail Valley expect too much. City of Menifee should have own boundaries. Many years Sun City, Romoland and Quail Valley never improve on development. Thereofore Sun City, Romoland and Quail Valley 's property tax increase up Since Menifee property tax is higher than Sun City, Romoland and Quail Valley.

  18. To Anonymous July 30, 2008 1:38 AM...
    First of all, we are all just excited to have our new city! Why shouldn't we want to formerly change our address to Menifee? Are you implying that Sun City, Quail Valley and Romoland are beneath Menifee? There are poorly taken care of properties in the "old Menifee" too!
    Secondly, try using proper english next time you type a post! Ever heard of spell check?

  19. As long as the entire community of Sun City remains within the political boundaries of Menifee, there would be no reason to change names. But if you live in a community in which your neighborhood may be within the political boundaries of Menifee, that may be problematic. Please note that political and postal boundaries don't always coincide. Therefore, it is possible that if even, for example, your part of Romoland will be within the political boundaries of Menifee, your mail deliveries will still be handled by the post office in Romoland. Furthermore, name changes can always be phased in. For a newly incorporated community, the Postal Service would have to issued special instructions, if at all, in the Postal Bulletin. We'll have to wait and see. I recalled when the cities of Pico and Rivera were merged to form Pico Rivera in the 1970's, the Postal Service had issued special instructions in the Postal Bulletin at the time. I have worked for the US Postal Service for 37 years and many people including postal people may not always understand how postal and political boundaries affect each other. This creates considerable confusion for many people. I did not have any problem with it because I understood the concept of creating both types of boundaries. If you want to check out the Postal Bulletin, you can find it on . Click on "About USPS & News", then click on "Forms and Publications". Finally, click on the most recent issue of the Postal Bulletin. There you will find the most recent "Post Office Changes". That how you will know, officially, of any changes pertaining to Menifee. Thank you.

  20. I have been wondering if after we are all Menifee, will it be appropriate to say "Sun City part of Menifee; Romoland part of Menifee, etc"?? Or are we expected to say we all live in "Menifee". Not an earth-mover discussion, but I can't imagine after living for years in Sun City, etc; one will change and just say "Menifee". I didn't get my wish to be called Menifee Valley, but would have been much more fun to say "I live in Sun City, Romoland, etc of the Menifee Valley". I just reread my post and agree, I must be bored to think of this.......

  21. I've already began the switch on mailings and everything has gone very well. I have lived in Menifee for 19 years now - moved to the Heritage Lake community 2 years ago. It's pretty easy for me to call my home "Menifee" with nothing else attached to it. I think it's great to be proud of your city and be able to show that on your mailings. Looking forward to the October 1 celebration!

  22. Everybody had been talking about changing the address at the post about the deed of trust, how will that change?

  23. What is up with the snobs that moved over the hill into ROMOLAND and now don;t want to admit they live there? I like ROMOLAND and I moved out of SUN CITY years ago, yet I still have to contend with "living" in sun city because of the 92585 zip code. Heritage lakes people can go to 90215 or somewhere else if they don't like it, that is if they don't lose there houses first!

  24. I don't care which area the post office processes our mail. The majority of us voted for a new city name. Most business have automatic computer system in their cash register so when you enter a zip code like "92585" it pops out Romoland. I am proud we were able to change Romoland to Menifee. I feel it should be reflected. I hope the new city council consolidates all the zip codes into one.

  25. All of Romoland is not Menifee, and zip code 92585 belongs to Romoland. Therefore, those former Romoland residents will need to change their city and zip code to Menifee.

  26. I plan to find a way to let the Menifee City Council know that I would like my address to verify that I live in Menifee. I would hope that many residents would do the same. This 'limbo' has gone o long enough!
    We're new to Heritage Lake and I thought when the vote was won to change our city name from Romoland to Menifee, that the postal service and city council would address the issue and get it resolvd!

  27. larrycopcar @gmail.comNovember 24, 2008 12:34 AM

    I will always use Sun City as my mailing address.
    If you live in Beverley Hills or Boyle Hights, you can use Los Angeles.
    Or if you live in Brooklyn. You can Use New York.
    It's all in the zip code.

    And Anonymous who thinks there is an advantage to using Menifee over Sun City has an ego problem.Go live in Beverly Hills if you
    seek some elitist address.You silly yuppie.

  28. Hey Steve, I just noticed that even you list the wrong city name on this website.

    It says,
    "A community-based forum concerning the people, places, and businesses of Menifee Valley, California"

    That should be Menifee, California.

  29. I am purchasing a home in the 92585zipcode which states it is Sun City on the legal discription. So were are these bondaries located for the Menifee map? The area is directly across from the Menifee Hospital.

  30. McCall Canyon is within the new Menifee city.

  31. I am a Canyon Heights resident in the Quail Valley area or new incorporated city of Menifee. Why has the city not torn down the signs that say welcome to Quail Valley? I could not wait to change my address to the city of Menifee but when I have friends come over they see the Quail Valley sign which upsets me. When I bought my new home three years ago Quail Valley was known as "Quallode Valley" and I have to explain to my friends Canyon Heights is not a Ghetto or a drug lab neighborhood.
    Many of the residents in our development put Canyon Lake on their mailing address because of the stigma that is attached to "Quail Valley". Is our newly formed city ever going to unite the communities and become the newly formed city of Menifee or treat us like separate communities?



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