Can You Change Your Address to Menifee Yet?

I just phoned the Sun City Post Office this morning, and asked if there has been any discussion on allowing residents to switch their addres...

I just phoned the Sun City Post Office this morning, and asked if there has been any discussion on allowing residents to switch their address from Sun City, Quail Valley, Romoland, over to Menifee.

The answer is that there hasn't been any discussion.

They still advise everyone to continue using your existing community name, and don't switch over to using Menifee yet.

Even though they advise not using Menifee yet, I tend to believe you can still do it as long you have the zip code on there. But I won't guarantee there won't be any screw ups.

In past years, I know I've seen some pieces of mail reach me with "Sun City" on the address label, even though I live in the 92584 zip code.


Zip-Codes 629771691044824114

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  1. Steve,

    There is an article in today's North County Times that addresses this question and answers it very well.

  2. I have resided in a family subdivision in the 92586 Zip Code (Sun City) since January 1990. One of the many reasons that I voted for cityhood was to have Menifee as an address instead of Sun City.

    I will be asking the Menifee City Council-Elect to explore options that best satisfy those residents that want to change the names of their zip codes to Menifee versus those residents that want to keep the original names (Sun City, Romoland and Quail Valley) of their communities.

    One option that I support is to move the 92587 Zip Code boundaries to include all of the family subdivision generally west of Murrieta Road. Zip Code 92587 will then be called Menifee. All of the senior developments would remain in 92586 and continue to be called Sun City.

    I understand that one reason that Heritage Lake residents voted for cityhood was to remove the name of Romoland from their addresses. Possibly some zip code boundary adjustment could be made there.

    The City Council-Elect and Postal Officials need to meet and discuss potential changes regarding the names of zip codes. A name change is important to me and I am sure to many other residents.

    Louis G. Mazei

  3. I absolutely agree with Mr Mazei, well said. I will also be asking the council to do the same, as one of the best things to come of this would to be having a uniform set of zip codes with the Menifee name. I would assume that this will play out much like the city of Riverside, where La Sierra, Arlington, University and the other communities still have an identity that is unique, but are unified under the name Riverside. The great thing about this moment in time is the fact that so many of us in the community care and are setting a course for our future. This is truly history in the making. A big thank you to Steve who runs this site, this has become a great place for discussion about our new city.

    Bill Gould

  4. I never though of this until I read the Californian article this morning. Seriously, the post office has such a difficult time delivering on our street. Hate to think how they will deal with any change. Can't count the times I have delivered neighbor's mail that was in our box.
    We have been 92584 for over 15 years, if I get my mail I don't mind the city written on the envelope. Several have complained but I wonder if that doesn't just make the postal workers angry

  5. It doesn't matter whether you use Menifee as your address as mail is sorted by zip code, not the town, and then by street. For those using zip code 92584, 92585, 92586 or 92587, all your mail is routed to Sun City regardless of the town and then sorted by zip code. As for misdelivered mail, the carrier handles thousands of pieces of mail daily that is delievered to approximately 600 to 700 houses on each route, so mistakes can happen.

  6. So then, what happens to us that are in Sun City but not in the 55+ area? We will me Menifee? I keep hearing "Sun City Core". Would someone please tell me what that means. I am curious. Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi Chattycathy,

    I don't think there are any official boundaries, but I found this information on the Sun City Civic Association web site:

    Sun City, California, located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego, sits in a valley ringed by mountain peaks. The core area contains 4,762 residences, all members of the Sun City Civic Association, an age 55+ community. The core area is built around two golf courses and the Civic Association provides numerous activities, including swimming, fitness, shuffleboard, and lawn bowling.

    Basically, it refers to the area that is bordered by Chambers Ave to the north, Salt Creek to the south, Valley Blvd to the west and I-215 to the east.

  8. dear fellow anon,
    Yes mistakes are bound to happen with the volume of mail the carrier has. I wouldn't want to do the job. My complaint is that it happens all the time.

  9. In response to Chattycathy, you will stlll maintain the Sun City address. The City Council needs to meet with the U.S. Postal officials and explore options to change addresses of certain zip codes or portions of zip codes in the Sun City, Quail Valley and Romoland areas.

    Louis G. Mazei

  10. "Sun City Core" is defined as those home