23 Abandoned Horses Found in Menifee

ABC News reports this morning that animal control officers discovered 23 abandoned horses at a ranch in Menifee, but the horses' owner could not be located...

Authorities took 21 of the 23 horses found at a ranch in Menifee, but the other two died. Many of the remaining horses are sick and are now receiving treatment.

Officials said the owner of the ranch had been hired to temporarily house the horses, but was apparently not caring for them.

Officials are now trying to locate the owner of the animals.
You can watch a video of this story here...



  1. I am sickened by this story. I know these are hard times, but come on folks,have some compassion for these helpless animals that you chose to own. I hope they find who is responsible and charge them with animal cruelty.
    I wish I had a place big enough to adopt one.

  2. This is such a sad story. What kind of person would do that, just let them starve? Poor horses!
    Where in part of Menifee did this happen anybody know??

  3. This is crazy. With the amount of horse ranches around here a phone call to one of them could have prevented this. The person responsible should be brought to trail and dealt with accordingly. This was totally preventable in this community.

  4. DESPICABLE!! If the horser were indeed abandoned by their owner, that is NO excuse for the property owner to not feed and care for them - she should have reached out for help and accepted the help that was offered by the neighbors. I sincerely hope she is held accountable! I will certainly speak my mind to Animal Services. Steve, would you try to do a follow up story on this in a week or so? Pamala

  5. Was it me or was the Animal Control Officer lacking speaking skills?

  6. Unforatunately, the media only puts out what they want everyone to hear. They failled to mention that the owner of the property was helping to board the horses, that were already in poor condition. The owner left and couldn't be found. The property owner went to animal control and they refused to take the horses because they already had too many.

  7. It sickens me that someone with starving horses on their property doesn't ask for help!I still believe that whoever is responsible for the awful act, whether it be the owner of the property or the horses should be held accountable! By the way, this happened off Scott Rd. on Nancy Lane.


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