Movies In The Park Tonight

Just a reminder,
after your long week at work, kick back and relax tonight at La Ladera park. They are going to be showing "Surf's Up" on a large screen. There will be vendors selling snacks on site. Festivities begin at 4:30, so we'll see you there!
(yes, it's a kid's movie, but they can be pretty entertaining sometimes!)


  1. I went to the movie tonight and I had to leave about 20 minutes into it because my baby couldn't sit still.

    I was happy to see the people who put it on were being very strict with the teenagers who were there to play and socialize instead of enjoy the movie. I mentioned to one of the staff that I appreciated them getting on the kids who were playing and goofing around and he said "Thanks, its not easy being a parent to this many kids." I find that comment brilliant. Where are all the parents? WAKE UP PARENTS!!! Your teenager does not want to go to the park with their friends to watch "Surf's Up", they want to goof around. Please do the rest of us a favor and either go with them or let them all hang out in your backyard and ruin your relaxing friday night!

    I will try again next month because I think this is a great community activity but I hope there will be more staff and the volume will be turned up for those of us who didn't get a seat up front.

  2. Agreed, it would be great to have parents there to supervise their kids. But the Movies in the Park is not so much about the movie, but about getting people out to meet their fellow residents.


    You can all socialize before it starts and if you don't want to watch the movie then invite those newly found friends back to your place for a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

  4. I think it's great and its about having fun. Teenagers are just being teenagers. You were all teenagers once and if you wanted to watch Surf's Up so badly,then go to a movie rental place, rent it, lock yourself in your room and there you go, no interruptions, just you and the surfing penguin all alone from beginning to end. "Don't take life so seriously, No one gets out alive anyway:)" -Anonymous