Menifee Valley Talk Radio - Show #3

Therese Daniels and Chuck Reuter broadcast their 3rd edition of Menifee Valley Talk Radio.

You can hear a replay of the show here...

Their special guest was Anne Pica, who is leading the "Citizens Against Cityhood". She spoke in detail about her opposition to cityhood, and responded to arguments from cityhood proponents. While she did provide a lot of opinion, I didn't really hear her explain why she is voting no on cityhood. That is, she tried to dispel the pros of cityhood, and tried to explain that it would not be the panacea to all our ills, but she didn't explain how remaining an unincorporated area would give us a better way of life.

In my opinion, I heard a lot of bitterness from Anne, always using the words, "you guys", when addressing the candidates. I got the sense that she clearly sees a division between Menifee and Sun City. I wonder if her campaign is more about animosity against the influx of newcomers to Menifee, than it is about logic. I'll add that the people in Sun City Core were newcomers at one time too.

Therese Daniels spoke at length of her opposition to Jerry Stamper, one of the city council candidates, citing numerous reasons.

The show had three city council candidates on the air, including write-ins Jason Roth and Sue Kristjansson, as well as Chris Thomas.

Nancy Knight, publisher of The Bugle, was also on the air.

Interestingly, Chris Thomas asked the show's hosts if they knew anything about candidate signs being torn down, suggesting that someone was going around pulling certain signs out of the ground.


  1. I don't know Ms. Daniels, but she certainly has some real truths about the candidates, especially Jerry Stamper. This man has wooed his way into so many things with no positive accomplishments that we can see in the community. Scary to think that he may be bought into this election too, but those ugly signs plastered everywhere may just backfire on him when people see it as just another pawn of the contractors. Then again, $$ may get them another weakling on the board to carry out their plans.

  2. Just re-listened to the talkshow #3 - mercy sakes - it tells it like it really is! Just what's needed for this community. I personally don't know anyone on the program I have listened to, but really appreciate their round-the-coffee-table chats. Everything Ms. Daniels spoke on behalf of an emailer is truth unedited. Menifee Lakes has 1853 homes of voters within its holy-self-sanctioned community. Its a disgrace that their president of the board for that community has such little integrity that he's willing to be bought. But is this his history repeating itself? Is it any wonder he uses green on his signs...seeing green$$$ signs comes thru. Menifee Lakes will have power and they are ready to flaunt it. Yes, 1853 households has at least one, and most have more, voters to swing an election and its being used. And by the way "silver-coated-terds" is a new one on me...don't suppose I'd like to pick one up though, now matter how deceivingly shiny it looks.

  3. What I see in Anne Pica, and I don't know her, is someone unafraid to step up for things she feels strongly about. Gotta give her credit for that. I am also ready to give her credit that she undoubtedly would not take money from anyone whom she knows it will indebt her to that person or their business. She's too upfront for that; its the sneaky ones that smile and try to appear pure that you really have to watch for. Come on folks - speak up before its too late. But for goodness sakes keep it factual and ready to be validated, as most of these things we're reading are. No time for "well he looked at me wrong and made me cry"; the facts are out there! Speak up!

  4. Good article Steve. Anne's "you guys" language is just old school, but I agree its very disrespectful and takes away from hearing her for what she's really saying. Maybe if she changed it to 'you folks' least sounds little better. I hope the dear lady will be able to graciously accept citihood and continue to speak up when things are not going as they should. We can fight a good fight and surrender if need be and join the throngs to make our community a success. Grantingly, to some Sun City will always be Sun City, Quail Valley will always be Quail Valley and Romoland will always be Romoland. No problem to that, lets just respect it and get on with it.


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