Menifee City Council Race - Menifee 24/7 Live Debate

Many candidates for Menifee's future city council have contacted me to publish their press releases, asked to become writers for this blog, or have posted comments.

I don't want to accept any candidates as writers, because I fear that it would be construed as an endorsement on my part. But I will accept press releases, and I certainly welcome all your comments.

I wanted to start this post as a "Live Debate", where residents of Menifee, Sun City, Quail Valley, and Romoland can post their questions and comments to the candidates, and have candidates respond back. Keep in mind, I have not personally contacted any candidates to comment here. It's strictly voluntary on everyone's part.

Please observe the following rules for comments...

  • No personal attacks - however, you're free to be critical and negative, but you just have to do it in a mature, and intelligent way. No "name calling", no foul language. Candidates are free to criticize each other, as long as it is done contructively.

  • No misinformation - Say only what you know is true. Check your facts first. But, it's one thing to say something false if you're misinformed, but it's a different thing altogether when you know its not true.

So with that in mind, I'd like to offer up a few quesitons of my own...

What can you do to speed up the infrastructure improvements, namely the Newport Rd realignment, and the traffic back up on Scott Rd and I-215?

I see the amount of graffiti increasing in my neighborhood, will you promise to do something about it in the first year of office?

I would like to see the southern portions of Menifee be preserved as a rural or historic community, preserving its past of mining, farming, and ranches. Will you promise to create an "historic" area of Menifee?


  1. I was surprised and disappointed to see how the panel of candidates at Wednesday evening's meeting at Paloma H.S. when polled with the question: Would you endorse further continued building of new homes in the area (paraphrased). Most answered yes to having additional new homes continue to build in the area already bombarded with foreclosures, abandoned, and overladen with new homes trying to sell. Doesn't make sense to me and leaves the "yes-irs" looking like they have no interest in preserving our area (or whats left of it). I must admire Mr. Cuomo for his down-to-earth good common sense he portrayed throughout most of the meeting. Its evident, and thank goodness, he is an independent thinker and has not been here long enough to be considered one of the 'good-ole-boys' with blanket-thinking just to fit in!

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  3. What will the Council do to foster a sense of community? The last that I want is Menifee Valley to become an eastern extension of Orange County with endless tangles of subdivisions and neighbors that don’t have a chance to gather as a community.

  4. This post is obviously from a Cuomo supporter. I was at the forum at the high school the other night and Mr. Cuomo's comments are so off the mark it scares me. He talked about how his home value has declined since purchasing it two years ago. Well, join the club my friend...we are in a downward turn in the business cycle!

    "Rhetorical question Farley"...What makes you think ANY city council can do ANYTHING about the market value of your home Mr. Cuomo? This is not New York City...take a lap!

  5. Sunday, May 4, 2008

    To All Voters -

    I had the privilege of being handed a VOTE NO ON MEASURE F - CITYHOOD flier yesterday. Let me just say that I cannot believe the rhetoric that is contained on this flier. It is filled with untruths!
    So, what I'd like to do is transcribe this flier paragraph by paragraph and offer my counter-arguments to their false claims.

    FLIER QUOTE PARAGRAPH 1 - "We are in a recession and paying more for food, gas, electric, heating, water, and trash. With the incorporation of Menifee City more of our tax dollars will go to 5 member City Council and their employee's with no new benefits to the residents of Menifee, Sun City, Romoland and Quail Valley. $24,262,785.00 tax dollars are the tentative estimates for expenses of the new city for the first full year and will continue to increase each year after per the Menifee Incorporation Committee fiscal analysis draft." - END QUOTE PARAGRAPH 1

    COUNTER-ARGUMENT - We are not in a recession. A recession occurs when the country's gross domestic product, more commonly known as GDP, goes down for two consecutive quarters. This has not occured. In fact, GDP increased in the 1st quarter of this calendar year by .6%. I would agree that the economy is stagnated and that we are all feeling inflation in the areas listed in the flier. With respect to revenue and expenditures, the first year of incorporation, which is called the "Transition Year" is estimated to have $6.2 million in revenue over $1.8 million in expenditures. This creates an operating reserve of $4.4 million at the end of the Transition Year (October 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009). The new city is REQUIRED BY LAW to maintain an Emergency Reserve of 10% and an Operating Reserve of 10% for a combined total of 20%. The author of the NO ON MEASURE F FLIER does not know what they are talking about.

    FLIER QUOTE PARAGRAPH 2 - "I think this is a high price to pay for Local Government Control and not receive any new services. If you vote for Menifee Cityhood residents will have to pay special tax assessments, city sales tax, and or bonds to get a police dept, fire dept, parks, city street repairs, and recreation services. Property owners are now required to pay for a bond that voters passed on February's ballot that will add $20.00 per each $100,000 property tax value on top of their regular tax bill for the next 20 years to build 3 new Menifee Schools. Can you afford to be taxed more by the new Menifee City Council? - END QUOTE PARAGRAPH 2

    COUNTER-ARGUMENT - This parapgraph is so off the mark that it scares me that someone can actually think this way! The County of Riverside receives $1.25 for every $100.00 dollars spent in sales tax revenue. Because we are unincorporated, we only receive .25 cents of that money and the County keeps the remaining $1.00. When we incorporate as a City, WE KEEP ALL $1.25. It is estimated that we bleed off to other surrounding cities over $6 million in sales tax revenue. When we become a city, that money stays home in Menifee. With respect to the Measure B School Bond, the figure is actually $17.00 per $100,000 of assessed value PER YEAR. My final commment on this paragraph is this, the new City Council cannot raise your taxes. Proposition 218, a California Constitutional Amendment passed by voters in November 1996 requires new taxes to be approved by voters by a 2/3 thirds majority (66%). The City Council can require certain fees to be paid but, they cannot raise your taxes!

    FLIER QUOTE PARAGRAPH 3 - The State is $3.32 billion in the red; The County is tightening its belt and the home building at lowest level in 14 years. Mortgage defaults are at an all time high. Property tax revenue growth for 2007/2008 down 4% and for 2009/2010 down 2%. Inland Valley unemployment at 7.1%. Incorporation of the City of Menifee Valley is not financially stable at this time as we are in a recession and it is going to get worse in the next two years. Now is the time to tighten our belts and put cityhood on the back burner. - END QUOTE PARAGRAPH 3

    COUNTER-ARGUMENT - None of the data points listed in this paragraph adversely effect the fiscal solvency of our new city. As mentioned early, we must maintain a 20% reserve of revenue over expenditures by law. According to Dataquick Research group in La Jolla, California, mortgage defaults PEAKED in October 2007. The upcoming state budget gap is expected to be $16 billion and not $3.32 billion as suggested by the author of the flier.

    Dear Readers,

    The VOTE NO ON MEASURE F crowd are obviously passionate about how they feel. Just don't be bamboozled by information on a flier that is not correct. Educate yourselves on the process by going to the LAFCO website at

    One of the biggest take aways from the Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis (or CFA) is that the city is fiscally viable even in an economic slowdown! Lets bring that sales tax revenue home to our new City instead of giving it to the County and all of the surrounding cities. With this revenue, we can enhance law enforcement services, improve infrastructure and community appearance, and maintain the quality of life that we all want to enjoy!



    //s//Scott A. Mann
    Candidate for Menifee City Council

  6. VOTE YES ON MEASURE FMay 04, 2008 3:04 PM


    I too was shocked by the nonsense coming from the NO on Measure F citizens, it has no backing. The worse was "our property tax will go not true. Inform yourself. Don't get tricked by the fear tactics AGAIN,

    Keep our tax money in our city.

  7. To All Voters,

    I was pleased to read Mr.Mann's comments on the "No" flier. It was very disappointing to make the same determination as he did regarding some very distorted positions in the flier. I would choose to believe that the individuals that prepared the flier were not acknowledgeable about the Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis (CFA)and other incorporation documents. I further choose to believe that they were not intentionally misleading the public, particularly the senior citizens in the Sun City Core. The CFA is part of the proposed city of Menifee Valley incorporation documents. It is a document of more than 60 pages and can be found by simply typing Riverside County Local Formation Commission (Riverside County LAFCO) in your search engine box. The LAFCO page has the documents on the right hand side of the first page. Please read the document. It is important that informed voters make a decision of incorporation of Menifee Valley and not based on misinformation and fear.

    Louis G. Mazei, Candidate for City Council of Menifee Valley

  8. I was just wondering how to find out about the meetings that are happening at Paloma HS with the candidates. I would have liked to attend. There must be others who are not getting the word as well. Please inform.

  9. The Candidate Forum at PVHS was well published in both the Californian and Press-Enterprise as well as on Menifee 24/7 and MenifeeLive websites.

  10. I can not find the forum information on this site and I do not buy a newspaper. If possible can we please get the future meetings posted on this site or point me in the right direction. I review this site daily for community information.

  11. It is "Flyer" not "Flier".

  12. Both are correct according to Merriam-Webster. Please, if all you can do is mince words, don't vote! (mince = to divide minutely)

    Main Entry: fli·er
    Variant(s): also fly·er \ˈflī(-ə)r\
    Function: noun
    Date: 15th century
    1: one that flies; specifically : airman
    2: a reckless or speculative venture —usually used in the phrase take a flier
    3: usually flyer - an advertising circular

  13. I don't believe Mann was talking about an airman?

  14. I heard that there will be one in Quail Valley at the Fire Station. I will try to find out when.

  15. I found this from the Californian Online
    Antelope-Menifee Rural Center will host presentations by candidates May 18 at the Wooden Nickel Ranch off Murrieta Road in Menifee. The event will include an opportunity for people to talk with each candidate, an organizer said. The time has not been set yet.

    Candidates say another forum has been scheduled for May 28 by a member of The Oasis community in Menifee. The organizer could not be reached Thursday.

  16. I just hope these candidates are out gathering up their signs the day after the election.

  17. I see by the huge to small signs on our corners and streets, that is appears that those with the money can afford bigger and more signs, while the others cannot. I hope that money is not buying this election like it does for the Federal and State Electiions.
    I wish that the responses to the questions at the highschool forum, were printed in the local media - we would then have more informed voters. Some of the answers really helped me to make up my mind.

    HA - Menifee resident

  18. Anyone who owns any land or has any real estate ties will not get my vote. We'll have another Temecula City Council, where because of their holdings we have a six lane domenigoni road and a two lane freeway

  19. I was unable to attend the meeting at PVHS but I am very interested in finding out what the canidates stand for.
    I believe this post was started so people could become more informed and so far I am only informed on the meaning of the word "flier". Come on people, please post some useful information. I would really like to hear what everyone thought about the PVHS meeting and what the canidates are standing for.
    We are going to have a citycouncil based on the biggest signs if some of the canidates and their backers don't start spreading information on what they stand for and believe in.

  20. How do I stay within the rules and tell the truth at the same time?
    It would seem to me it would be in the best interest of the eventual City of Menifee to have a new city council of good character. Good character is determined by a track record of actions just as bad character has a history of bad actions. Because of new city should begin with the best people possible, I feel people should know about how Jerry Stamper before it may blindly vote for him. They need to know treats other people when they disagree with his personal agenda.

    Jerry Stamper is a city council candidate. He lists on his brocure he is the president of the Menifee Lakes Master Association, and past president of the Menifee/Sun City Chamber of Commerce. While these may look like the works of a well intentioned community interested citizen who would serve well on the city council, there is much history behind these. (The corruption of the people who serve on HOA boards is well documented. The only people who benefit from these HOA's are the Board. See

    I am one of the founding persons of the Menifee/Sun City Chamber of Commerce who sat in on the very first meeting with Jeff Stone, Julie Johnson, Jerry Stamper and others at Boston Billie's restaurant a few years ago. What I say comes from first hand experience. Thought we didn't realize it at the time, from the very first day we agreed to form a new chamber, Jerry Stamper began undermining us and working counter productively. Jerry Stamper has it in writing on his mailer running for City Council he was president of the Menifee/Sun City Chamber of Commerce. He was never President of the Chamber as there never was the title of president. Because he so greedily begged for position of Chairman of the Board, no one opposed him and that is how he became chairman of the board. I became secretary. Julie Johnson became the CEO of the Chamber. Jerry immediately began calling himself president. Then he began holding secret meetings with the old Chamber leaders. Upon discovering the old chamber absolutely despised Julie Johnson, Jerry began a campaign to turn the board members against her until he got the board to agree to terminate her as CEO. (Julie was a beautiful, brilliant, and very capable CEO. She was the back bone of the start of that Chamber. Jerry had done nothing but go on a honey moon when we were first getting started.)When I and a few of us learned of all the non board aproved actions of Jerry Stamper, and confronted Jerry, he lied and denied it. Later when I, challenged him, he held other secret meetings excluding me and sent me a letter illegally terminating as a member of the board. When I stood Jerry Stamper and his cohorts down, and a Riverside County Superior Court Judge ordered them to reinstate me, Jerry held only one general membership meeting and held an illegal election to have me voted out. In the process of fighting me, he ran up a $25,000 legal bill for the Chamber with the law firm of Alhadeff. (Is it any wonder they had no money?)

    I have written proof to every thing I said. There are copies of documents filed in the courts, letters, and minutes. One of the main issues I had with Jerry Stamper and his coconpsirators is the fact after repeated formal and informal requests, they never produced one item that I did wrong as a board of director.

    What do you think will happen if Jerry Stamper becomes a city council member?

    The entire story of exactly what happened between me and the chamber Jerry is now using on his brag list to get elected to the city council is on the web site under the section of "latest news continued Menifee/Sun City Chamber of Commerce."

  21. What is your name? Are you a candidate for the Proposed City Council? Stand and be recognized. If what you say is true and there are court documents to back you up, then it is publicly accessible to anyone who has the time to research it.

    Spare us that pain...who are you?

  22. Isn't this a joke!"Anonymous" wants to know who wrote the truth about the forming of the Menifee/Sun City Chamber of Commerce. If he reads the article he would discover there is enough information in the article to learn who wrote it.

    I want to know who is "anonymous"

  23. Can we trust the chamber of commerce candidates to look out for the people who will live in this proposed city?

  24. These are the next scheduled meetings as posted at At least these are the the ones that we've gotten confirmation on. The Oasis meeting may be for Oasis residents though, so as soon as they get back to me, I'll let you know.
    * Tuesday May 13 @ 7pm at Quail Valley Fire Fighters Hall (session II)
    sponsored by Quail Valley Municipal Advisory Committee

    * Sunday May 18 @ 5pm at Wooden Nickel Ranch
    sponsored by Antelope-Menifee Rural Center

    * Wednesday May 28 Time and location TBA
    sponsored by The Oasis

  25. I do not suport the Cityhood proposal that would include Quail Valley. In my observation and attendance to candidate forums I see no further advantage for Quail than if we remain as we are or even attach to Perris. The population, which is majorily Hispanic, do their business, etc. in Perris. The cityhood proposal is conjoining to much diversification in the four areas that they have clumped together to do this. There has not been a lot of thought gone into this process - The 19 candidates consist of 6 realtors, 5 people who work for the county in some capacity and 4 people who are newly arrived from out of state and are bored with retirement and the beat goes on. I foresee a sell out by the council to developers, I see egotistical bastards and bitches I might add that are in it for their own personal gain and I see the senior citizens who are the strongest property owners and tax payers and voters getting hornswoggled into something they aren't prepared for such as higher taxes - less police protection cuz the police officers will all be out in Quail Valley.

  26. Wow! Do us all a favor...don't vote and put the drink down!

  27. Possibly many hispanic residents are shop in Perris as well as Menifee but these inviduals are also tied to the Menifee Area by going to Menifee schools. A new Menifee Union School will open in Quail Valley in July.

    Let's not forget aboubt the Anglo residents, which will become more numberous as Audie Murphy Randch and the 459 unit development continues to build out.

    As for Quail Valley being clumped to Menifee Valley, the Unincorporated City (KUC), which was approved in 1997 by the Riverside County Formation Commission (LAFCO). The UC kept other cities at bay from annexing any portion of the UC.

    If this arragnement is so horrible, where were you in more than ten years. You have had plenty of time to complain. Has Quail Valley MAC register the same concern as you over the past ten years?

    Changes to Quail Valley is occurring. As we all know as stated earlier, Audie Murphy Ranch is under construction and it stretches to the western outskirts of Quail Valley. We also pointed out earlier that the 459 housing unit development is under construction. These two developments will have major impacts at full build out on Quail Valley's as a community whether or not incorporation passes.

  28. I am concerned about the many foreclosures all over Menifee. Many of these houses look bad and I am concerned, like many property owners, about my property values decreasing.

    I think that we need to focus on having a very strong police presence, especially if we want to see Menifee prosper. No decent people are going to want to move to Menifee if gangs began to have a noticiable presence.

  29. My fellow residents:

    These are very good questions.
    First, I have contacted CAL TRANS and Riverside County Authority about a new off-ramp between Scott and Newport. I have also inquired about a new overpass at La Piedra so people can access the new center from the back, avoiding Newport all together. I have started this ball rolling with local officials and plan to meet with state and federal officials to get Transportation dollars from Sacramento as well as Washington, D.C. I will keep the residents informed about progress with this project.
    Graffiti is becoming a problem and I have an anti-graffiti plan which includes cleaning it up right away because graffiti brings a negative stigma which our community doesn't want. I propose an easy non-emergency police number which will allow residents to report this behavior and remain anonymous. I have also approached the county about a new sheriff substation in Menifee. I also plan to actively pursue getting a Highway patrol station in Menifee as well. A heightened law enforcement presence coupled with quick response times will help alleviate the bulk of this issue. If elected I will work along side law enforcement and work to keep response times at a minimum.
    I have a vision for Menifee which includes a gentle blend of business with family oriented community, which includes parks and preservation of wildlife areas. I would absolutely work to preserve the 'historic' elements of our community, as well as our rural ranch areas.
    I would appreciate your support on JUNE 3. If any questions please feel free to contact me at

  30. Mann Captures Two Key Public Safety Endorsements

    Menifee, California, May 12, 2008 – The Scott A. Mann Campaign for Menifee City Council released information today related to Mann’s Public Safety platform in the race for Menifee City
    Council. These two new endorsements include:

    * Police Chief Kevin Segawa, Mt. San Jacinto College Police Department, and,

    * The CDF Firefighters Riverside Chapter – Local 2881

    These endorsements come in the wake of the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association and the California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations’ endorsements which were announced in a press release on April 30th. No other candidate has captured these public safety endorsements to their campaigns.

    Having the support of nearly every law enforcement and emergency management professional in the County of Riverside only serves to confirm Mann’s commitment to public safety in the Proposed City of Menifee.

    Mann said in a statement, “My goal for our new city is to prevent crime before it happens. When we do that throughout the community, it makes the bad guys say ‘Don’t go to Menifee’!”

    For additional information on his campaign visit or If you wish to discuss a community issue, Scott Mann can be contacted at

  31. This is an answer to the anonymous statement made on 5-2-08, I to am a Cuomo supporter and was there at PVHS meeting, everything he said made complete sense so if it scared you next time pay closer attention. Mr. Cuomo was the only candidate that was ON the mark! He said “Yes” on term limits, districts and on a delay on residential home building. I was so happy to see at least one person running for city council stood up for the home owner and resident such as myself.

    Your statement about how can any city council do anything about declining home values, I see you have never been up against city hall. An adequate city council can delay ground breaking on all new developments until the homes we have now start selling again. Your statement about a downward cycle, maybe you haven’t noticed the Federal Government going after all the companies that wrote bogus loans to anyone that wanted a home. This is not a cycle; this is a condition which has become very close to being deemed a national housing crisis.

    The housing market is not going to recover from this for a long time unless you’re a real estate agent selling repo’s. Oh yea, when he used his own home as an example he was obviously trying to let everyone know that he to is feeling the hit. He was relating to the people in the audience. To my knowledge I don’t think any candidate running for office was born here so stating he should go back to NY really makes you sound either jealous or just plain stupid.

    Mr. Cuomo you have my vote!
    Steve B.

  32. In response to Mr. Cuomo 'feeling the hit of the housing market'... I guess that is why he rolls up to campaign events in a new Jaguar! The so called 'housing crisis' has obviously hit him right in the pocket book hasn't it. How hypocritical! I liken him to Al Gore spanning the globe preaching his global warming message while burning up thousands and thousands of pounds of jet fuel in his Gulfstream jet and getting shuttled to an from in his SUV!

    With respect to the statement 'maybe you haven’t noticed the Federal Government going after all the companies that wrote bogus loans to anyone that wanted a home'... let me just tell you my liberal anonymous friend... it is not the duty of government, local, state or federal, to bail out those who overextend themselves and buy more house than they can afford. There is an expression in the application of common law known as 'caveat emptor'... which means 'buyer beware'.

    No, it is not my responsibility as a taxpayer to bail you out of a poor consumer decision, whether that be a credit card, a car, a house or a mortgage that you should never have signed up for.

  33. I have been trying to follow the election stuff and am finding it very difficult to make a decision about who to vote for when it comes to the city council. I feel there are some big names spending a lot of money and that they probably have hidden agendas. I listened to the radio broadcast today and was educated in how some of this works. I am concerned that the canidates with a lot of money are going to 'owe' the people who gave them that money, (ie. developers and other special interests). I also feel that some of the no name canidates who aren't taking money from special interests are going to be forgotten because their signs aren't as big. I think Wallace Edgerton is very qualified but not many people are aware of who he is. Are there other people out there who have the same concerns?

    Also, has anyone heard anything about Measure G? I just read my voting pamphlet and realized that we have to decide if the future city councils will be elected as a whole or by districts. If we choose 'as a whole' then we ALL get to vote for everyone running, and the council represents everyone. If we vote for districts then each so called district is made up of equal populations and has one council member that represents that district. I think Menifee is going to be a small enough city that this is not necessary. The council should be ACCOUNTABLE TO EVERYONE!

    One other thing... Do any of the canidates care about the younger and middle aged residents? All I keep seeing is canidates looking out for seniors and youth. What about us hard working parents of those youth?

    This is all very confusing and frustrating.

  34. Marc Miller Candidate;
    Just a note; When someone accuses you of something, do you not have a right to defend yourself. Julie Johnson stated on the Menifee Live that I was decisive, and would not be a candidate for office, unless you print my response, and the response of others "I WILL NOT VISIT YOUR WEBSITE AGAIN", and I will let it be known you are bias!

  35. Gee Marc, it wasn't MenifeeLIVE or Menifee247 that broadcast the program, but even if we had, Julie only gave her personal opinions. Therese Daniels and Chuck Reuter opened up a program specifically to debate cityhood. They invited Julie Johnson because of her history in working with many of the candidates.

    I think it was purely opinion and I'm sure Steve will agree with me that we welcome open discussion and rebuttal to anything you read online or heard on our links.

    Please feel free to rebut anything Julie said here or on my site, or even at the blogtalkradio site that hosts the talk show. The more information voters have the better voters they will be.

  36. Please be very careful of dealing with Therese Daniels. She is a control freak of the worst kind and she changed the passward to the blog radio show without letting me know and she wanted to know why I wanted to get on the site when I called her about the password issue.

  37. Why should we have to pay to change Quail valley houses from septic tanks to sewers at $10,000 a pop. That is not fair to the rest of us who bought our houses after 2001.
    I AM VOTING NO on this messure.
    The Cons out weigh the Pros 10 to 1on this issue.