Measure G - Elections at Large or by District

One of the cityhood measures on the ballot this June 3rd, is Measure G, choosing between electing city councilmembers at large, or by district.

Electing members at large means that voters can vote for any candidate, regardless of what part of the city they reside in. But it also sets up the possibility that all five of the members can come from one area of the city.

Electing members by district means that voters may only vote for candidates that reside in their district. But it also means that no specific area of the city may control the city council.

Throughout this cityhood debate, residents of Sun City Core have been the most vocal opponents to incorporation, for a wide variety of reasons, with one of the most biggest reasons is that they don't want the newer communities taking control of their way of life. That's basically what elections by district is all about.

I personally, feel that Sun City and Menifee Lakes, which are also the two biggest home owners associations in this valley, are putting up the lion's share of candidates, and are the two areas of Menifee Valley that are poised to make decisions for the rest of us.

The opposing argument is that by electing members at large, those members will be accountable to everyone. That's only the case when all voters vote. I feel that Sun City and Menifee Lakes tends to put up the most active voters, and therefore, are the two areas of Menifee that yield the greatest power.

I'm voting in favor of elections by district, to guarantee that no specific area of the new city can take control of the city council.

I'd love to hear your comments.


  1. I think the city council should be by district. I read in some of the articles that the city will be approximately 48 square miles. Each area should have equal representation to be fair and "no gerrymandering" of district lines. KJB

  2. Although you are right in all your observations regarding the field of candidates. You left out the Chamber of Commerce who I believe fielded the largest contingency of candidates. I personally hate HOA's and CC & R's on both principle and practice and couldn't agree with you more on what that HOA leadership experience might do to one's mindset...or what it says about how a candidate might percieve their Councilmember job duties.

    However, I think rather than voting only for one district member, which 'by district' voting would do, it is far more important that we each find the best 5 candidates that we can, and encourage each area like to create overview and citizen groups to present their needs to the council.

    Perhaps after the first year or so, we can re-evaluate in time for us to make that decision deadline.

  3. It is going to be interesting to see how the city council draws the district lines. If there are 5 members from the same area of town, the district lines will look really odd as they try to preserve their seat for reelection.

  4. To establish districts you must create equal areas by "population" not geography. Having districts create division in the community

    I want to be able to vote for 5 good people, not just one!

    Representation for our community is about leadership, not where you live. Good leaders will address the issues that affect the entire community no matter where they live.

    That's why I am supporting KUENZI, MANN, STAMPER,FUHRMAN and GAUNT.

    I will be voting AT LARGE on Measure G.

  5. There goes Darcy Kuenzi again. Hey Darcy, stand up and put your name to your posts. Quit hiding behind "Anonymous."

  6. My problem with districts is this... I don't know what the population of say Sun City or Quail Valley is but I live between the two. If one of their populations is smaller than what is needed to form a district then I may get lumped in and I don't have the same issues or concerns as the residents there do. How is it then fair for me to be represented by a council member who is representing mainly those areas. Same as if Romoland and Sun City were lumped together. I am voting for at large representation.

  7. Its funny, I read through all the articles the Californian did on the candidates and made a list of maybes. Kuenzi was the only one out of the five above on my list. I went with my gut and as I norrowed down she was one of the first I crossed off. This was based on what seemed to be unbiased articles. The more I read and hear the more secure I am with that decision.
    I still want to learn more about everyone though.

  8. I don't know Jerry Stamper. His resume touts accomplishments in the Chamber of Commerce and Menifee Lakes HOA.

    It seems to me that Mr. Stamper's tenure has accompanied great controversy and conflict at both organizations. I will avoid him for City Council for this reason.

    Regardless of his platform (and impressively large signs), I feel there's just too many people that have "not so nice" things to say about him.

  9. If you really want to know the candidates for city counsel "Google their names".

    One other comment, If the publisher of this website can broadcast sataements made by people about the candidate, the candidate should be able to voice their opinion as well as the opinion of others! If you do not print the responses made by the public "At LARGE - WHICH MEANS EVERYONE-" I will never visit your website again, and I will let it be known!

  10. Well, Mark, see ya around and I hope it's not here. Stop demanding, it shows why you would not be good for the city council.

  11. Districts seem the only way to go! We don't want any particular interest group stacking the deck in their favor.

    The diverse demographics, needs, and wants throughout this area requires measures in order to prevent a potential game of Political Monopoly.

    Districts all the way for me!

  12. The at large selection of candidates is the way to go. I want to be able to vote for all five candidates in an election instead of having to vote for only one. I also want all five council members to be accountable to my neighborhood and my area of the city.

    Please vote for at large and vote for Yes for Cityhood and the name of Menifee Valley.

  13. Like to know how you feel now about distric/city wide structure. I am from Sun City, and voted against city hood, and "atlarge." Heard Darci Kuenzi speak at Methodist Churh in Sun City, regarding this issue. It didn't look good. Rumors are circulating about revisiting the issue with another election (special).We are not off to a good start.

  14. All concerns regarding Measure G are valid. Each structure has limitations. "By District" carried the vote, and now, because our new counsel was, and currently is, opposed to it, their posture is to have it voted on again. Sound familiar? They claim the voters didn't know what they were voting for. That would true if they were talking about themselves. Jefferson said,"government should be changed every generation." We can change it sooner than that. We should let the vote, "by district" stand, for now. We can change it next time, but don't let them overturn election results. That would be a disastrous precedent.