Mail-in Ballots Require Extra Postage

The Riverside County Registrar of Voters announced today that "vote by mail" ballots will require extra postage this time around.

The ballots themselves are an extra half-inch larger this time compared to ballots used last February, and may cause the Post Office to reject your ballot based on insufficient postage.

Instead of the new 42 cents required for a 1 ounce envelope, you may need to pay an extra 17 cents, simply because the ballots appear to weigh at 1.1 ounces.

Voters have the option of hand delivering their ballot to any polling place.

You can look up the nearest polling place here...


  1. Well... That's great
    I mailed it two days ago!

  2. Vote "NO" for Fred Twyman....
    This man says one thing and does another...He doesn't listen to the parents at school board meetings ,so why would he listen to anyone in the community ...If he is elected we will all be sorry...

  3. Not certain this is the right article for the "Twyman-critic" to be using for his posting, but how about it Mr. Twyman, apparently this poster has experienced something that makes him/her feel this way. Are YOU a man of your word and ready to listen and react to what the community speaks? Are you FOR or AGAINST the feelings of the community in a positive way???


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