General Electric Donates $5,000 to Menifee Reading Program

General Electric yesterday donated $5,000 to the GREAT Program (Grandparents And graduates, Reading Enriching And Tutoring). The presentati...

General Electric yesterday donated $5,000 to the GREAT Program (Grandparents And graduates, Reading Enriching And Tutoring). The presentation was held at Chester Morrison Elementary.

GREAT works with the Menifee Union School District to provide reading tutors.

General Electric Menifee GREAT
Pictured above is Dr. Linda Callaway Superintendent of the Menifee Union School District, John Gates and Bruce Heppenstall from General Electric, Lesa Sobek GREAT Coordinator.


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  1. Thats Wonderful that GE has given such a donation!! It is a Great program........especially since some students might not have a "older" grandparent figure in their lives to read with them.
    Thanks again to GE and all the volunteers at GREAT.

  2. Not everyone in the GREAT program is "older". My wife volunteers and is 28 years old.

  3. give me a break...
    ok..I'm sure the kids can recognize "mommy helpers" at school, IS it okay to recognize one good aspect of this program? and besides the word "older" means just that.

    With that said...I want to say thanks to all the teenagers that volunteer.

  4. Yes, the word "older" does mean just that. However, the phrase "older grandparent figure" has a definite connotation of being the elderly.

  5. it okay to say I like that aspect of the program ..that some of the volunteers are like grandparent figures? You are hanging on each word...what's wrong with you... IT's not like I said your 28 year old looks like a grandparent. With that it allow.

    Thanks to all the volunteers!!! especially to the teenagers and the ones that are grandparents!! is that better?? and thanks to the parents who can your wife. Are you happy?? sheesh...

  6. okay ...I noticed some got me so worked up over nothing. So lets fix it now.
    IT's not like I said your 28 year old wife looks like a grandparent. With that it alone.

  7. Wow...
    You did a whole response to fix typos and you still made one. "Live it alone"? :-)

  8. When your a 5-6 year old kid 28 is OLD! Get over it. Your wife is old-er than the kids.

  9. "Your" should be "you're", and "older" is not a hyphenated word. Looks like the kids in this community are not the only ones that need help reading. :-)

  10. Praise God for community helpers ~ no matter their age!!

  11. hmm I was the person that posted the first comment praising the program and I had explained my typos..because I was upset that I felt you were attacking my post, like I was recognizing your wife. I pointed out one aspect of the program that I liked and you made an issue. I tried to correct that by thanking all the voluteers. It wasn't me that posted on 3/21. I was upset and done however I think the person to trying to stick up for my position. The bottomline is that kids really don't care how old the volunteers are...

    Also..reading and spelling are two different things...and with blogging/emails I've noticed grammer structure is different as well. I can't believe a post praising such a program could cause a train wreck. Happy Easter..or should I say..Happy Easter if you celebrate it? I don't want to be attacked again for not being PC here.

  12. To the negative comment maker. Why are you such an A**Hole? Get a LIFE.



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