Apartment Projects Coming to Menifee

The County Board of Supervisors agreed to a plan today to use $2 million of funds from the Redevelopment Agency to help finance a complex of...

The County Board of Supervisors agreed to a plan today to use $2 million of funds from the Redevelopment Agency to help finance a complex of low-income apartments for seniors located in Menifee.

Dubbed, "The Vineyards at Menifee", it sits on the north-east corner of Newport Rd and Winter Hawk Rd. That would place it next to the Good Shepherd Lutheran School, and across Newport from the Mobil Gas Station.

Here's a description of the project according to the report from the County Clerk...
The Project will consist of 64 one-bedroom units, 16 two-bedroom units, and one on-site manager's unit. The one-bedroom units are approximately 561 square feet and the two-bedroom units are approximately 781 square feet. All units will be equipped with full kitchens, including refrigerator, dishwasher, combination range/oven, microwave, garbage disposal, and central heating/cooling. Each unit will also include a balcony or patio. Elevators will be provided to the second floor of all the buildings. The residents will have access to a 5,000 square foot community building that will include a community meeting room, kitchen, laundry room, and manager's office. Additional on-site amenities include a pool, putting green, and leisure areas for the seniors to use.

A total of thirty nine (39) units ("Assisted Units") will be reserved for low-income senior households whose incomes do not exceed sixty percent (60%) area median income for the County, adjusted by family size at the time of occupancy. The period of affordability will be for 55 years from the certificate of occupancy.
The report goes on to say that if residents of Menifee vote to approve cityhood, then this $2 million offer from the county's pocket becomes null and void. In that case, the company developing this project, Palm Desert Development Company, will have to either pay for it itself, or find a way to get the new city to pay for it.

Palm Desert Development Company specializes in developing low-income apartment projects, and have developed many others in Hemet, San Jacinto, Moreno Valley, and Rubidoux.


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  1. Don't believe the new apartment will be located next to the Good Shepard church. That location is just too small for the project. Base on what I read I believe the project will be located next to the mobile gas station across the street from the Good Shepard church

  2. I'm not sure that these apartments will be behind the Mobil gas station. There is a large Townhome complex planned for there called Winter Hawk Ranch. Here's what I found for that location on
    I215homes.com .....

    Comprising 17 acres, Winter Hawk Ranch offers 2 and 3-bedroom town homes of Spanish and Tuscan architectural styles. Select floor plans feature lofts and great rooms, perfect for the growing family. Laundry rooms on the bedroom floors. There are many floor plans to choose from that may fit your style. Priced from the $200,000s.

    Adjacent to the Newport Road exit and north of the Scott Road exit, Winter Hawk Ranch is bounded by Newport, Bradley and Winter Hawk Roads, and Rim Creek Path.

  3. We need more parks. Kid parks, Ball parks. Parks, Parks, Parks!

  4. I agree with the comment above me....we need more PARKS not some low income apartments.

  5. They are building apartments next to the college too. Antelope Road and Holland.

    Apartments will create more crime, it's inevitable. Low income housing has never produced a positive thing for a city, except for the low income people. Look at Perris. The Enclave Apartment complex in menifee is filled with issues. So, stand by eveyone it's gonna get interesting.

  6. Apartments are probably the only form of real estate that does well during tough economic times likes these. We'll probably be seeing a lot more of them.

  7. I also hear that a new apartment construction is going up at McCall Blvd. and Antelope Dr. (accross Menifee Valley Hospital going west). I believe it's Antelope Ridge Apartment. Does anyone know the details behind this?

  8. I dont knoe details but my mother-n-law lives in the housing there and they have all the signs up for the appt complex so it looks like a go

  9. Here we go again, Senior this Senior that, there are more non-seniors in this community then seniors, there are families in need of places to live. Sun City is overran by Senior housing. Not every family can afford a home. Stop always allocating money to Special interest groups, it is time to move the people who have secretly running things out of office and put someone in there that cares for this community at large.

  10. it is sooooo stupid to put apartments here.

  11. I think this is what Menifee needs. There are hardly any multi-family options in the soon to be city.

    -and yes, I am a single family homeowner in Menifee.

  12. Great more apartments!! I can't wait to see how many more ways we can increase to crime rate here. Very upsetting.

  13. I I am outraged that people think just becuase families move into apartments that it is directly related to crime. Many families would love to own their own home but in todays times cannot. Some of these families got a bad deal and lost their homes and jobs and just need a fresh start to save again.

  14. thats ok, as we read through all these replies, we realize that not everybody read what the proposal was... senior housing....low income...Social security...duu
    Now you could say! we don't what those old folks living so close to that school, the school may be to noisy for them...or we don't want kids walking by there because that's just asking for trouble....but who reads these anyway?

  15. If anything, they should build luxury apartments that pose guidelines for meeting income requirements in order to keep trouble at a minimum. I completely agree low-income apartments will attract more crime and trouble and that's the last thing residents of Menifee want to deal with. More parks are a better option to keep Menifee looking beautiful and less congested with new residents... just look at Temecula with all the apartments, practically on every corner.

  16. it's not surprising, but it's just sad the way people equate low-income families with crime, drugs and sexual offenders. at a time when millions of people are un- or under-employed and have lost their homes, i would think people would be embracing a community that is building low cost housing options. and what does it say about you that you would have the right for low-income families to have affordable housing restricted to only areas already experiencing high rates of sexual predators and criminal activity. families that can't afford to buy a home in a great neighborhood shouldn't be forced into homelesness because a portion of thier community doesn't want an apartment complex in their neighborhood.

  17. Well, I took a sociology class within a year ago and I recall reading that families that people that have economic struggles or financially unstable or children with families that are struggling are more susceptible to committing a crime. Now, I are all low income families criminals - no, however those that do turn to crime give those that are honest and working to succeed a bad name. So, in all I don't think Menifee should have low income housing which is why I think Enclave Apartments should get rid of Section 8.

  18. I noticed apartments being built next to the Luthern Church on Newport, actually too close, I'm surprised the church didn't try to fight it. In my opinion, these apartments are built 1) too close to the road,2) too close together 3) noise from Newport traffic, 4) to many apartments clustered together in a too small area, frankly I'm surprised this got passed by the city council. I didn't see any open space within this complex, no close parks near by...lets just hope this IS a senior low income property, and not a complex where a lot of college students will reside... poorly executed!

  19. i think it is wonderful that this complex is going in.i,m a widow and on a low income ,there isn,t anything here in the suronding area that i can afford. this will make my life much eiser and i won,t have to expect my family to take care of me.i donot bring crime to this community most seniors are law abiding,take a look at the teens in your area and ask yourself if all of the teens are law abiding
    and there parents.i think not.

  20. Some of the comments are so close minded and ignorant. Not everyone on low income is a criminal, sex offenders etc. If you open your eyes a bit and see the economy is not the greatest right now and a lot of people lost their jobs and need low income to support their families. But half of you don't care because your sitting in your comfy houses sipping your "fine" wine and turn your head when you see people in need. There was a lady that was making six figures that lost her job and had to resort to an hourly wage job in retail that will probably need low income sooner or later. We aren't here to judge other people because the face of the book may not capture you, but the writing inside will. Yes, there are some people that use and abuse the section 8 and low income, but we can't blame every apple in the barrel.You never know that maybe one day you may need the low income housing.



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