Yet Another Sun City House Fire

Yesterday, fire fighters responded to a call over a residential fire in Sun City.

The call came in at 11:37am, and was focused on a single-family home at the 27000 block of Lexington Ct. The fire was limited to the bedroom. The residents were not displaced.

The fire department reports the cause is still under investigation.

This is the fourth residential fire in Sun City in the last 20 days, at least those reported by the Riverside County FD.

I'm not certain the cause of any of these fires, but I wonder if the fact that temperatures have dropped into the 30s, may have caused people to rely on portable heaters, considering homes in Sun City are 40-50 years in age. And maybe these heaters are too close to other fabrics.


  1. Sure would like to see our own city fire department and not CDF

  2. What's wrong with CDF? We'll continue to be served by CDF after cityhood.

  3. I agree, We deserve at least 4 firefighters per engine with a paramedic. It can take up to 15 min. for a ambulance to arrive (AMR).If we were a City Department we could handle both fire and medical.Iam also in support of cityhood.


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