Winco Foods is Cash Only

My wife figured out what the "co" stands for in Winco, "cash only". She was rather miffed when she walked in, grabbed s...

My wife figured out what the "co" stands for in Winco, "cash only".

She was rather miffed when she walked in, grabbed some groceries, only to discover that they didn't accept credit cards or debit cards.

This isn't necessarily news, but she insisted I mention this, and you know how it is with wives.

So, you might wanna prepare if you go there.


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  1. If you've not much else to do, go to WINCO and load up a cart full groceries and expect to pay with a debit card. When told you can't, leave the cart there for the store to put away. See how long before they start accepting debit and credit cards. Just a thought.

  2. Steve, this post isn't true. Winco accepts debit cards, just not credit cards.

  3. I shop all the time at Winco and use a debit card. Must have been a new employee.

  4. WINCO, does accept debit cards, they do not accept credit cards to help keep the costs down. As you walk in the front door there is a sign that is about 3'x3' stating this policy. Oh by the way, WINCO Stands for the states that they are in...Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California and Oregon.
    Steve, maybe you should check your facts out first before commenting!

  5. Thanks for the correction folks on the debit cards, I'll let the wife know.

    To the above commenter about me getting my facts straight first, lighten up!

  6. seriously. If you're gonna flame Steve on his own blog, at least have the balls to sign it something other than "anonymous."

  7. Steve and readers
    Don't get me wrong...I love this site. A place where one can express their opinion, give information on our humble town witn all its drama.
    Oh, and to M@...

  8. Certainly nothing wrong in expressing your opinion, I'd love for you to do more.

    I'm not a reporter. I'm a blogger.

    There's a difference.

    A reporter's job is to report the news to you, explain both sides of a story, and be neutral. A blogger's job is to present a topic to you, and then engage you to comment and start a discussion with other commenters.

    Hence, bloggers tend to write on a first-person, and personal stand point. I'm not trying to compete with the likes of Press Enterprise, or The Californian. I actually want those guys to dig up more Menifee news, so that I can blog about them, and do my job to engage you folks.

    Some things I write are not very controversial, such as the houses on fire in Sun City. But then again, sometimes it takes just one reader to post a comment, to get several other readers to jump in.

    Some my writings sound very opinionated because that's what a blogger is supposed to do, use their opinion to challenge their readers to present their opinions.

    So, I'm not a news guy. I'm just trying to engage all of you to respond to whatever news is taking place around here.

  9. The same thing happen to me the day I went. The cashier said "sorry no debit cards or credit cards". So I just left the stuff that I had & left. BTW I was going to use my debit card. So I don't know what the deal is.

  10. Sounds like the cashiers need to be retrained on the difference between a debit card and a credit card.

    I really like shopping at Winco, because all of their check-out lines are open. They're no waiting in line like at Vons in Sun City.

    Also, the developer did a fantastic job in the design and construction of the center.

  11. The world would be so boring if no one had opinions or comments to make.

  12. they take debit cards and cash, what is wrong with that, if they take credit cards the prices go way up. Wake up people, paying for grocery's with credit card, not smart. they will never take credit cards, this helps us all with lower prices. come on people THINK a little

  13. Remember, most Americans cant find Iraq on a map, are unable to name the 2 countries that border the USA. I am not shocked they don't know the difference from a debit card or credit card...

    Oh! By the way, Iraq is in the middle east, west of Iran and East of Syria.. The two countries are Canada and Mexico..:)

  14. I was a " Winco virgin" until the store opened in Sun City. I was amazed at the quantity and choice of food items. I quickly went to the "bins" where I could buy certain things in bulk. I'll never do that again! To my dismay, unsupervised children, with runny noses, and dirty hands were lifting the lids and reaching in for a quick taste of brown sugar, bulk cookie mix, powdered sugar, etc. Pretty soon it became a frenzy, I counted 15 unsupervised children helping themselves, by the handfuls. I did not dare to say anything, because parents these days do not accept a stranger's comments on their children's behavior. Just venting.

  15. Not to sound mean but when you get up to the checkout line at Winco you will notice a small box right in front of you called a debit machine. Which allows people to use their debit cards :-)

    They also take checks or cash.

    Winco is a great store and I love shopping there.

  16. Let's clarify: We keep hearing the SUN CITY Winco; isn't it and the new stores around it (Home Depot,etc) in PERRIS ? I like shopping there, but not by myself since we have to do our own bagging, but prices are certainly worth it. A cashier told us she loves working there because all WINCOs are employee-owned.

  17. WE have been shopping at the new Winco in Perris and we have used our debit card almost everytime we shopped. There was only one time where we had to pay cash but that was because their debit system was down.

  18. FYI...This is kind of off the subject but I thought I'd share!

    Another great thing about Winco, besides their prices, is that if you bring in your own bags they give you .05 or .06 cents back per bag! It is worth it to buy some re-usable shopping bags! I recommend the bags at Albertsons $1.00/ea. They have long enough straps to carry on your shoulder, if you need to free up your hands, and they come with an insert to keep the bottom of the bag flat. You can bring your bags into any store instead of trying to decide if paper or plastic is better for the environment.

    Don't hesitate to ask (wherever you are shopping) if they give money back for being earth friendly...You may be surprised!

  19. It's been a while since this thread started back in January, but reading through I noticed someone commenting on what a great job the builders did on that center. This is kind of off topic, but I say, "WHAT?"

    Now, let me qualify my statement...

    While the center seems to be, in itself pretty well standard layout, and not badly designed, I guess, THE ENTRANCE AND ROAD ALIGNMENT IS INCREDIBLY STUPID!! Two traffic lights 50 yards (or less??) apart? Plus the freeway traffic lights and off-ramps as they are? Can you imagine what that's going to be like if we ever get the amount of residential buildings that are proposed for this area? It's going to be a NIGHTMARE! Boo to the City of Perris for allowing that mess to stand and be built. Does anyone else feel this way?

  20. I agree those two stop lights, which are only a few car lengths apart, is nuts.

  21. I love shopping at Winco! Their prices are great, especially since gas prices are so absurd..does anyone else out there spend $1,000 on gas every month;(
    They take debit cards..I use mine all the time. I do have to say though..that I won't shop there by myself at night. I have seen pretty shady people there. That still won't stop me from shopping there. The prices are unbeatable. I think my husband and I save $200 a month by shopping there! Hey..that's paying for some of the gas!! They even take coupons. Happy shopping!

  22. WinCo does have dirt cheap prices, which you can't beat with the rising cost of just-about-everything these days. However, I would not venture as far as to say " I love" shopping there. When I first moved to the Heritage Lake neighborhood from Riverside, I was devastated at the poor quality of grocery stores compared to the Vons at the Riverside Plaza at which I used to shop. WinCo produce, to me, is highly inferior, however I do feel it has improved somewhat since I first shopped there. I never before bought bananas that stayed green nearly five days. WinCo also does not offer many specialty items that a Vons or Trader Joes would carry. I also do not appreciate bagging my own groceries while my two-year-old is throwing a fit in the cart. But, as I stated before, these days I am willing to "suck it up" and shop at a cheaper store. There have been signs for a Stater Bros at Menifee and McCall for quite sometime. The developer's website used to state Fall 2007 for a completion date, it has now been updated to say first quarter 2009. Unfortunately they have not even broken ground yet, which leads me to believe the opening will be much farther off. I would be more than happy though to forego shopping at WinCo to shop at a store right outside my neighborhood. I miss a grocery store being a half mile away from home. This also helps with today's gas prices. Not to mention when you forgot just "one little thing" and have to go treking into Sun City or all the way to Perris to get it.

  23. I think I'll shop at Stater Brothers in Menifee. Every time you spend $100. about $2. goes to Perris. We need money for police and fire folk here. Shop local.

  24. Winco has raised a lot of their prices. I'm getting better deals now at Ralphs, Stater Brothers, and Albertsons from the weekly ads than I am from Winco.

    I can't wait until SuperTarget is open; I'll buy stuff there over Winco anyday.

  25. I have been a winco shopper since they opened the original Temecula Store. I most often go there as the shoppers seem more respectful and less whiny,screamy kids who spill or don't respect the stores products. How sad. I agree with the other comments about the Perris lights being to close-but then again, when was Riverside county or Perris smart about such things? The Home Depot is nice and the rest of the center is filling in.

  26. I wonder who told her that. I've been shopping there for months, and I never pay with cash (always debit).

  27. This information came from the WinCo website. Hope this answers some of the questions here.

    WinCo Foods can trace its beginnings back to 1967 when Ralph Ward and Bud Williams founded a discount warehouse grocery store in Boise, Idaho under the name of Waremart. The company operated stores under the names of Waremart Food Centers and Cub Foods until 1999 when it changed its storefront name and the corporate name to WinCo Foods, which [WinCo Foods changes name from Waremart] stands for Winning Company.

  28. My husband & I just went to Costco yesterday and we had no idea they didn't take credit card since we barely shop there. We went to pay with our card and it didn't accept it. so we called our card company to find out why. There were no problems on that end. So, we went back to the cashier and they said, "yeah, i saw you pull out your card. We don't accept credit cards." Well, thanks for not telling us when you knew and made us go through all that for nothing. We had to leave our cart there and walk out feeling defeated. ugh not cool.

  29. To the last commentor - Are you talking about Costco or WinCo? Costco takes American Express.



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