Winco Foods is Cash Only

My wife figured out what the "co" stands for in Winco, "cash only". She was rather miffed when she walked in, grabbed s...

My wife figured out what the "co" stands for in Winco, "cash only".

She was rather miffed when she walked in, grabbed some groceries, only to discover that they didn't accept credit cards or debit cards.

This isn't necessarily news, but she insisted I mention this, and you know how it is with wives.

So, you might wanna prepare if you go there.


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  1. If you've not much else to do, go to WINCO and load up a cart full groceries and expect to pay with a debit card. When told you can't, leave the cart there for the store to put away. See how long before they start accepting debit and credit cards. Just a thought.

  2. Steve, this post isn't true. Winco accepts debit cards, just not credit cards.

  3. I shop all the time at Winco and use a debit card. Must have been a new employee.

  4. WINCO, does accept debit cards, they do not accept credit cards to help keep the costs down. As you walk in the front door there is a sign that is about 3'x3' stating this policy. Oh by the way, WINCO Stands for the states that they are in...Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California and Oregon.
    Steve, maybe you should check your facts out first before commenting!

  5. Thanks for the correction folks on the debit cards, I'll let the wife know.

    To the above commenter about me getting my facts straight first, lighten up!

  6. seriously. If you're gonna flame Steve on his own blog, at least have the balls to sign it something other than "anonymous."

  7. Steve and readers
    Don't get me wrong...I love this site. A place where one can express their opinion, give information on our humble town witn all its drama.
    Oh, and to M@...

  8. Certainly nothing wrong in expressing your opinion, I'd love for you to do more.

    I'm not a reporter. I'm a blogger.

    There's a difference.

    A reporter's job is to report the news to you, explain both sides of a story, and be neutral. A blogger's job is to present a topic to you, and then engage you to comment and start a discussion with other commenters.

    Hence, bloggers tend to write on a first-person, and personal stand point. I'm not trying to compete with the likes of Press Enterprise, or The Californian. I actually want those guys to dig up more Menifee news, so that I can blog about them, and do my job to engage you folks.

    Some things I write are not very controversial, such as the houses on fire in Sun City. But then again, sometimes it takes just one reader to post a comment, to get several other readers to jump in.

    Some my writings sound very opinionated because that's what a blogger is supposed to do, use their opinion to challenge their readers to present their opinions.

    So, I'm not a news guy. I'm just trying to engage all of you to respond to whatever news is taking place around here.

  9. The same thing happen to me the day I went. The cashier said "sorry no debit cards or credit cards". So I just left the stuff that I had & left. BTW I was going to use my debit card. So I don't know what the deal is.

  10. Sounds like the cashiers need to be retrained on the difference between a debit card and a credit card.

    I really like shopping at Winco, because all of their check-out lines are open. They're no waiting in line like at Vons in Sun City.

    Also, the developer did a fantastic job in the design and construction of the center.

  11. The world would be so boring if no one had opinions or comments to make.

  12. they take debit cards and cash, what is wrong with that, if they take credit cards the prices go way up. Wake up people, paying for grocery's with credit card, not smart. they will never take credit cards, this helps us all with lower prices. come on people THINK a little

  13. Remember, most Americans cant find Iraq on a map, are unable to name the 2 countries that border the USA. I am not shocked they don't know the difference from a debit card or credit card...

    Oh! By the way, Iraq is in the middle east, west of Iran and East of Syria.. The two countries are Canada and Mexico..:)

  14. I was a " Winco virgin" until the store opened in Sun City. I was amazed at the quantity and choice of food items. I quickly went to the "bins" where I could buy certain things in bulk. I'll never do that again! To my dismay, unsupervised children, with runny noses, and dirty hands were lifting the lids and reaching in for a quick taste of brown sugar, bulk cookie mix, powdered sugar, etc. Pretty soon it became a frenzy, I counted 15 unsupervised children helping themselves, by the handfuls. I did not dare to say anything, because parents these days do not accept a stranger's comments on their children's behavior. Just venting.

  15. Not to sound mean but when you get up to the checkout line at Winco you will notice a small box right in front of you called a debit machine. Which allows people to use their debit cards :-)

    They also take checks or cash.

    Winco is a great store and I love shopping there.

  16. Let's clarify: We keep hearing the SUN CITY Winco; isn't it and the new stores around it (Home Depot,etc) in PERRIS ? I like shopping there, but not by myself since we have to do our own bagging, but prices are certainly worth it. A cashier told us she loves working there because all WINCOs are employee-owned.