Gang Activity at La Ladera Park

A Menifee 24/7 reader submitted the following comment today an older post of mine regarding their son mugged by some guys near La Ladera Par...

A Menifee 24/7 reader submitted the following comment today an older post of mine regarding their son mugged by some guys near La Ladera Park, in the Menifee Hills community...
Hmm sounds like we have alot of bickering going on- let's get back to providing a safe neighborhood for kids. If you think it isn't a problem let me tell you what happened last night.

My 24 year old son was walking to work at about 8 PM last night (please don't need any comments about why walking at 8 pm at night- we should be able to do this anytime) and he was robbed by 3 hispanic males ranging from 17-24 (again no one is stereotyping so please no discussion about this). Do you still think there is no problem?

One of them had a knife and he was surrounded since they jumped out of the bushes. It was the street right before the one that La Ladera Park is on ( the one that goes to the elementary school ). I also drove by the park today at about 3 pm and there were a group of males easily over 18 all of them with the clothes and bandanas .They also stared at me like I was invading there space.

I grew up in Tracy California where there was activity like this but much worse. I remember having to have about 5 friends to accompany you to class because gangs would pick on you if you only had 1 or 2. They would travel in gangs of 10 or more and harass people all the time- that is only if these gangs (cowards) seen you had 1 or 2. They wouldn't bother you unless they had an overwhelming odds-again cowards.

I won't let this happen to my kids. If you care about the community and ensuring these people don't invade our community then please respond.If you have negative comments or criticisms please keep them to yourself only positive ones that will help. Thanks.
If anyone is victimized by a crime, here are the phone numbers to report...

In Menifee...
Southwest Station
30755-A Auld Road
Murrieta, CA 92563
(951) 696-3000

In Sun City & Romoland...
Perris Station
137 N. Perris
Perris, CA 92570
(951) 210-1000

In Quail Valley...
Lake Elsinore Station
333 Limited Avenue
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
(951) 245-3300


Menifee-Hills 1701044793753213292

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  1. this is so disturbing to hear...we moved out of Vista for the same reason...many gangs and trouble there...fights at the high school, drugs, etc....
    I think a lot of the families who moved into this area moved here for the same have a good safe place to raise children..
    we need to nip this in the bud before it becomes worse...what can we do?

  2. What can we do? Get active. Take control of your neighborhood. Start a Neighborhood watch program. Call the Sheriff they are more than happy to help out. The key to this is neighbor participation. No participation, no safety. We do it in our neighborhood and it works. We have regular patrols by the Sheriff and the only real problem is taggers. Those damn roaches come out late at night and slip under that radar. We have caught a couple in the act.

  3. nunyo, please tell us how you get the sheriff to help out. we also have neighborhood watch and although the sheriff did show up to our meetings, when we call to report any type of crime, they never show up--or they show up an hour later. we had underage teen drinking here, the same group of teens set one of the neighbor's patio furniture on fire--the sheriff caught the kids drinking and told us all they were all let go and told to go home. the neighbor sued the family of the teen arsonist but the sheriff really never did anything about the kids. we had adult witnesses to all of these things but nothing is ever done for us by the sheriff. i came upon taggers one time, gave full descriptions of the taggers, including shirt and pant colors and descriptions of all four of them and the sheriff did locate them--but then let them go. when we asked why, he said i had given conflicting information. ??? i've lived here for almost three years now and i don't see the sheriff doing much of anything at all to help us out. we live on the east side of the 215. what is the sheriff's name who is helping your neighborhood? thank you.

  4. Increased law enforcement is probably the biggest reason why the cityhood incorporation effort has gotten off the ground (that and fears of annexation by nearby cities).

    There's a lot of tax revenue generated here in the Menifee Valley that the County spends on other communities. We need to form our own city and spend it on our own police department.

  5. This is not good news. I have seen alot more guys walking around with there sagging pants and bandanas also. I don't like it at all. It really brings down the neigborhood. As for the Sheriff they never come when you call them. I will help in any way??

  6. I agree with Steve, we need our own police department. The Sheriff only allocates (1) Deputy for more than 40 square miles (including Menifee). That's why you almost never see a Deputy, and that is why you get such a slow response time. I love the Sheriffs' Department, don't get me wrong, but they don't provide enough people for Menifee.

  7. If you see trouble makers congregating, confront them with your neighbors telling them the neighborhood will not stand for any criminal activity, and that they will be watched 24/7 by the community.

    They prey on people who are intimidated by them, so don't fear them!

  8. I talked with my boys who are older teens and they know about these guys...through the grapevine not personally...this gang of boys has been preying on individuals..four of my boys friends have been attacked, robbed and beaten...
    my boys say this group all live in Quail Valley...
    We have a lot of police cars patroling in our neighborhood...and I feel safe here but my one son has friends by La Ladera park so when he is over there, I get nervous..

  9. all,
    thanks for the positive info. I am ready to join a neighborhood watch or start one-anyone know who I should contact?

    Also, I just found out that my son's best friends house just about burned down- it is located just off park in Sun City (rustlers ranch). They didn't have any insurance and the mother is 8 months pregnant.I know this sounds like Jeryy Springer, but it is true and this family needs help immediately.I am checking with my resources at work and friends, but they need big help like church or other community members.This is one of our own who needs help.Please assist me in helping these folks out.

  10. Please, Please, DON NOT FEAR THEM. Do not confront them either. What I mean is walk your dogs, go to the park, show them that they cannot take it over. I will tell you that I am from San Diego and one of the worst gans there is the "Market Street" gang. I was amazed to find that they had sketched into the cement thier gand signs. Hmm, all the way from San Diego. I can bet our gang task force in Riverside doesn't even know about that. I found a knife at the corner of the park the night after the last gang fight at La Ladera park. I called the police, who did come out and retrieve it.
    Also, we have a deputy who lives within sight of the park....why can't he do anything. His house sits and looks right at the park???? He has kids, if we can't get him involved that is sad.
    Again, do not fear them. Use the park and call if you see suspicious behavior.
    It is a game to them. The problem is that knives are now involved.
    There is strength in numbers.


    Task Force Overview
    Since 1997, the number of gangs in Riverside County has grown from 223 to 341. The total gang membership has grown to an astounding 10,553 members countywide. During this same time frame, there was a significant increase in gang related crimes reported by Riverside County law enforcement agencies.
    In response to this alarming trend, law enforcement officials throughout Riverside County developed a countywide regional strategy for combating the increased gang activity occurring in our communities. The strategy is to combine resources from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to create eight (8) separate gang task force units across Riverside County. The strategy involves a three-prong approach involving prevention, intervention and suppression. The eight regions are supported by four crime analysts and eight office assistants.

    Regional oversight and coordination of gang task force regions is accomplished by a two-tiered approach. Overall policy, resource allocation, and the coordination of each of the task force units is done through an overall governing board comprised of law enforcement department heads countywide. Local control of each task force unit is done through a regional board made up of supervisors and managers from those local agencies.

    Parent to Parent Anti-Gang Resource Guide: This list was compiled by parents and interested individuals to assist families in finding support/resources in the community. [Click here to view the information]

    Project Safe Neighborhoods
    The Riverside County District Attorney's Office is fully dedicated and committed to reducing youth gang violence in our communities. Our anti-gang efforts employ a multi-faceted approach that extends well beyond necessary and important traditional suppression strategies. Community partnerships, education and awareness, and anti-gang prevention and intervention strategies are necessary components in any effort to successfully reduce youth gang participation.

    Accordingly, a vital component to the Riverside County Gang Task Force is Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN). Since 1995, PSN has:

    Provided gang awareness and prevention training to hundreds of school educators and staff throughout Riverside County; Collaborated with the CYA (California Youth Authority) Parole and Operation New Hope to provide anti-gang and anti-delinquency presentations (using CYA parolee speakers) to faith-based organizations, youth groups, and youth detention facilities throughout Riverside County; Provided gang awareness and prevention presentations in Perris, San Jacinto, Riverside, and Banning; Collaborated with the Riverside County Arts Council to provide after-school arts programs; Partnered with Catholic Charities to provide counseling services and parent education courses to needy families; Partnered