Wooden Nickel Ranch May Close

The Press Enterprise reports that Riverside County code enforcement officers are trying to stop the Wooden Nickel Ranch from hosting future...

The Press Enterprise reports that Riverside County code enforcement officers are trying to stop the Wooden Nickel Ranch from hosting future events, such as the civil war reenactment, benefit concerts, motocross events, and little league fundraisers.

At issue are two things...

  1. Tom Fuhrman, the owner of Wooden Nickel Ranch, didn't obtain permits from the County

  2. Wooden Nickel Ranch hosted a topless photo shoot
Apparently, Steven Lennertz, the pastor of Eagle Ridge Church, doesn't like topless photo shoots.

Wooden Nickel Ranch is a 23-acre parcel of land, surrounded by hills and trees, such that no one can see in from the outside. You had to have snooped in on Fuhrman's property to see any bare boobs during that shoot. Yet, Lennertz doesn't believe that Fuhrman has a right to do what he wants on his own property.

Fuhrman did obtain permits from some events, and not for others. The way I see it, Furhman is not a businessman, but just a property owner who wants to help the community by offering his property for use. If he didn't obtain necessary permits, it was an honest mistake, and was he was not trying to cheat the county out of any money. Wooden Nickel Ranch should not be shut down.

Wooden Nickel Ranch is one of Menifee's local attractions, and has done plenty of good for our community. They help raise money for our youth sports teams and our local firefighters.


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  1. Sounds like the city folks are at it again. This is a country town, with horses, cows and goats. They were here first. If you don't like it, why on eath did you move here?? It should stay, and the unhappy people that do all the complaining should get together and live in a cement jungle.

  2. Number one Steve, you DON'T have kids.

    Number two, you have "BOOBS" on another of your web sites.

    Hence, perhaps you are not the best person to be judging what is good or right for us "parents" in Menifee.

    The Wooden Nickel Ranch has had many problems in the past. I think we all know about permits that need to be obtained from the county. They serve alcohol and take money for rental of the property. For you to call it an "honest" mistake is ridiculous.

    We all know for firearms to be discharged with folks around that you have taken an entrance fee from...also requires a permit.

    Serving food to people at events requires a permit too.

    These permits are expensive. But, they serve a purpose. It is so someone like Tom can't decide what he thinks is right or good.

    Steve, I would say that your comments caught me off guard, but your lifestyle and other sites should have given me the heads up.

  3. To call out a person like you did on your site is sad to say the least.

    "Apparently, Steven Lennertz, the pastor of Eagle Ridge Church, doesn't like topless photo shoots."

    Is a pastor supposed to like topless shots??? What am I missing.

    And as far as the ranch doing "good" for Menifee, my money is on the church and the good it does. Not some run down piece of property that hosts illegal gatherings at best.

    One last comment, if he obtained permits for some events and not others....he KNEW to obtain them for all of the events. Please don't call it an honest mistake. A mistake yes, but an intentional one. Mostly because he knows the permits he did not obtain would have been DENIED.

    Come on, are we really saddened over the fact that the ranch got their hand slapped and the big bad church is moral?

  4. Maybe he can sell his land to a church. We don't have enough of those in Menifee/Sun City already.

  5. My "lifestyle" anonymous?

    Tell me exactly, what is my lifestyle?

  6. Ahh, the old "If you don't like it go back to the OC" comments. They never get old.

  7. To the commenter who mentioned Steve's other web sites, please elaborate further. If yo are suggesting that the other web sites are sexual in nature, I would like to know so I can not visit this site any more and tell others also. Thank you.

    The pastor did good. There are plenty of places that peddle filth, you can go there Steve. We don't want that type of stuff here in Menifee. We want there to be some places that still are safe and clean from pervs. Simple principle: Less filth, less pervs.

  8. If you are going to leave comments on here, make sure you know how to spell and that your sentences make sense.
    Look on Megans Law, there are plenty of Perv's in Menifee already.

  9. The Wooden Nickel Ranch is a great place and their Civil War program has benefited thousands of school children. A Topless photo shoot on privet property? You have got to be kidding me that anyone is angered by that. It was on PRIVET property!!!! Why should you care? Unless you are the type who JUDGE others about moral and pure lifestyles. Go on throw the first stone. Steve, thank you for the information.

  10. If a individual owns their property who are we as citizens to tell them if they can be nude on it or not. If the property is not viewable by the general public it is the same as a person being nude in their home. No one can tell you what to do in your home, or if you can be nude or not in it so it really does not matter. People need to mind their own business and be concerned with bigger issues in this country.

  11. Instead of whining about ungodly bare breasts!...Just stop for a moment and think what would have become of this historical property if not for efforts of Tom Fuhrman. I suppose the memory of World War 2 hero Audie Murphy would be better served by obliterating any trace of him from the property. Should it have been reduced to generic, developed suburbia instead? Personally I say thank God for Tom Fuhrman. Yes I said God! Since he was the one who created breasts and Audie Murphy! And I thank it is safe to say he has pride in both those creations. Stop the silly threats and nonsense! Menifee should do what it can to communicate, work out it concerns and do everything it can do to help Tom Fuhrman preserve this great historical property. It is a one of a kind attraction! Please lighten up! Do it for the good of Menifee. For all kids present and future so they can learn about and celebrate the memory of one of this countries greatest HEROES Audie Murphy!

  12. It saddens me to see the 'net-fighting' has infiltrated this site and personal attacks are swapping back and forth ! Steve, as an editor, and in my opinion a good one; please don't resort to pitting the 'good-vs-evil' with your comments. We are seeing too much of that already and its encouraging things that are not of good values. The window has been opened; your readers will be watching....behave yourself!

  13. Oh no! Boobies!

    On PRIVATE property, out of the general public's sight!

    Oh no!

    I don't think what God created was "smut". I think He did a great job on our bodies... especially the (gasp) BOOBIES! Oh NOOOOOOO!

    How were the "parents" or "children" affected by this anyway? Was the owner bussing them in to watch the photoshoot? Was the pastor poking his head over the fence?

    Thank God we have permits so the city leaders, who "know what's best for us", can deny people their right to do what they want on their own private property.

    Ah.. the land of the NOT SO free and the home of the NOSEY NEIGHBORS. How many people had to DIE for our LACK OF FREEDOM? So sad.

  14. ShakinHeadInDisgustJanuary 14, 2008 6:44 PM

    I am far from beeing a fan of boobies, as I have a pair that I get to watch sag closer to the ground everday, BUT what the real concern here is that it is "PRIVATE" property. If someone could see the photo shoot from the privacy of their own home, then they do have a legitimate gripe, however, they did not see a thing. If anyone, including children, saw anything, they would have been trespassing on "PRIVATE" property and need to be enlighted on the laws of trespassing.

  15. Come on Pastor Lennertz - this is not the first time you have cast stones at people in this valley - Christian - ya right! As for the Wooden Nickle Ranch, not only has Tom improved the condition of the ranch from when he purchased it, he has made it a local location in which people can hold events. The Civil War reinactment is something that the people in this valley look forward to.

    On another note, Tom also has a reputation for taking young adults (teens and preteens) under his wing and involving them in the ranch, teaching these kids how to ride both horses and bulls. I know of a few that probably would have become juvinile delinquents but due to the mentoring and caring attitude of Tom, they have turned out to be wonderful adults.

    It is time that people get a life and let others live theirs!!! Everything I know of Tom and the "Ranch" are good.

    Pastor Lennerts - look in the mirror and become the Christian you claim to be (I know about these as I am the child of a pastor)

  16. I am looking forward to taking my grandchildren to the infamous Wooden Nickel Ranch in Menifee this Sunday to see the Civil War Reenactment. I am not afraid I will see some want to be famous lady's chest. Call me crazy but what is going on with the pastor? I think he may be the same one who told my nephew he would burn in hell because his high school sweetheart had an abortion.What about judge not lest you also be judged.The nephew is having some very severe mental problems. Anyhow my granddaughter is studying the Civil War in school so the event should be very informative.I think the county is interfering a little too much in it's inhabitants lives. GO
    MENIFEE, Go Blue and Gray Go Audie Murphy.

  17. I am a reenactor who has participated in the Civil War Days event for the past six years. It's perfectly understandable to require proper permits for things like hosting a civil war-era battle reenactment, and I'm sure that people can agree that practice should be respected (it is the law, after all). Calling for the closure of the ranch, however, is a gross overreaction to something that, truth be told, has caused no tangible harm.

    Our yearly event at Wooden Nickel is an exciting, educational production that not only provides great family entertainment to the community, but is also a valuable source of income for both the ranch and the city. We enjoy coming out every year to put on our reenactment, its a great reward to see people of all ages taking interest in history and enjoying themselves in the process.

    I can't speak to the issue of other "objectionable" events that may have taken place, but suffice it to say that if noble figures of the community find such behavior reprehensible, then they should not make the drive out to the ranch, climb the long, tall fences, or send their children there on weekends when others have gathered on said private property for such purposes.

    If the censorship movement wins out, then so be it. Those who seek to curb such activity must, however, recognize that the ranch is overall an asset to the community, and some activities there are worth protecting. You certainly can't demand that a man give up his land on account of his not running it according to the consensus of scattered opinions.

  18. I find it ironic that the same man who raises money for local youth sports also allows topless photo shoots on his property...

    I question the integrity of anyone that would want this person associated with our youth... Youth groups should remember that they are role models to our children. Our family will not be promoting or attending any event by the Wooden Nickel Ranch. We support the pastor's view and more members of the community should do as well. This is not "Vegas," this is our home where we raise our children... If we don't protect them, who will?

    This is a family community... Families with daughters that we do not want subject to googling eyes of misguided men... Shame on anyone that sees it otherwise...

    To mix such adult actions with any youth group affiliation is wrong no matter how you look at it...

    But rather than talk about it, Wooden Nickel Ranch should just cease from partaking in the topless photo shoots. Step up to the plate and stop tearing apart the community. After all, it will be you who has to answer for your actions come judgement day...

    Make the right choice and do right by the kids that you are supposedly trying to help!

  19. Before I start on this, I am a parent of 2 wonderful kids. I don't think it should be shut down. He has done nothing wrong, its his property. Just because he rented it out for a photo shoot?? Give me a break. He does a wonderful job doing the Civil War Reenactment. I think he should stay!

  20. For goodness sakes,talk about trying to beat a dead horse to death !! Let this issue lay where it died and get on with other things. If you don't want to associate with the Woden Nickel Ranch, don't! I'm a grandmother with children and grandchildren...what do I think they see on TV?? Doesn't mean I'm going to sell my TV! Certainly I wouldn't want them to visit a nudist colony either, but look at all the boobs hanging out for show everywhere we go! Values instilled at home and taught how to stay true out in the world are worth more than sheltering them and attacking other people's rights! Wooden Nickel pays their taxes, time to back off this worn out subject and get on with something else. In case you're wondering, No, I've never stepped foot on WN property, but this is private property and not really hurting or hindering anybody or anything.

  21. Before you "hang" Tom, go speak with him. Meet him, get to know him. This farm has alot of history. Let the Menifee population try to understand and help Tom out. He is seeing some very difficult times; yet, are we not all seeing tough times...

  22. Check out this website if you are interested in what is going on at the WOODEN NICKEL RANCH. I FOR ONE SUPPORT TOM.


  23. Obviously none of you who had a positive comment about the Wooden Nickel live anywhere near the Wooden Nickel ! That place has been a pain the ass for 18 years and I am oh so glad that someone finally is going to shut it down ! How would you like to have a loud party going on every weekend right next door to your house. Or have weekend days filled with gunfire. And oh the great learning event...the civil war re-enactment, try living here the weekend that is going on. The cannons, the gunshots, the yelling and all of the traffic. Why should he be allowed to ruin the peace and quiet of my own property. We live here for the love of country living, raising our horses, chickens, working in a vegetable garden. If we had wanted to live next door to Disneyland we would have moved to Anaheim ! I say shut him down permanently. I will continue to go to the city with complaints and call the sheriff to shut him down , whenever that noise becomes unbearable. If I am approached about letting him get this permit, I will give them a really big HELL NO !

  24. What a drag those "Bible Thumpers" have on a great place to have a good time. OH poor babies got their panties in a bunch over some boobies. What a joke. Funny thing is they're the ones that are probably searching porn in the middle of the night. HAHA

  25. The good minister needs to tend to his flock, and mind his own business. To each his own. Now he wants to take something good away from the community.
    S. Dougherty



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