Who is the Mayor of Menifee?

Every once in awhile I receive an e-mail from someone wanting to know who the mayor of Menifee is, o...

Mayor McCheeseEvery once in awhile I receive an e-mail from someone wanting to know who the mayor of Menifee is, or who are the city council members, or where Menifee city hall is. I thought I'd try to answer that question with a blog post.

The answer is that Menifee doesn't have a mayor. There is no city council, and there is no city hall.

The closest thing to it is the 3rd District County Supervisor, which at this time is Jeff Stone. Stone is pretty much the guy who makes things happen in Menifee, I guess you could liken him as the mayor. He has an office in Menifee, and I suppose you could call that the city hall. And, he has appointed a group of Menifee Valley residents to tell him what the big issues are, and I suppose that's kinda like the city council.

Menifee is not a city, in a legal sense. We call it a "community" for lack of a better word. However, Menifee does indeed have boundaries. You can see the boundaries on the cityhood incorporation committee's website...

These boundaries were defined by LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission). They did this to facilitate the cityhood incorporation effort, and to let neighboring cities know what areas cannot be annexed right now.

Now and then you might see references to the "Honorary Mayor of Menifee" in various publications. This is a designation of the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce. They like to peg one of their members as the "honorary mayor" just for posturing purposes. The "honorary mayor" has no governmental powers here.

Then there are "movers and shakers" in Menifee Valley. These are people who are members of various boards, councils, districts, etc., that give them the credentials to talk to developers, county administration, and important people in other cities. They are actively shaping Menifee into what it will be in the future. Such boards, councils and districts might include the Menifee Valley MAC, the two school boards, the chamber of commerce board, and the cityhood incorporation committee.


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