Valley Health System to Hold Public Hearing

Valley Health System wants to know if selling off its hospitals is in the best interest of the people.

The Press Enterprise reports that the cash-strapped hospital district is inviting the public to a special hearing on the matter, this Thursday, June 7, at its Board Room in Hemet...

Valley Health trustees say they want to get public input as they deliberate the fate of Riverside County's largest hospital district, which operates Hemet Valley Medical Center, Menifee Valley Medical Center and Moreno Valley Community Hospital.
Eric Madrid and I published a co-commentary last year calling Valley Health System to sell Menifee Valley Medical Center to a private owner. You can read our article here...

I'm particularly pleased to hear that Valley Health System has finally opened up to the public on this discussion.

Valley Health System is supposed to be a "for-profit" organization and Menifee Valley Medical Center is supposed to earn a profit to pay for its expansion needs. I believe that our local hospital is fully capable of earning a profit if a private business took ownership of it. It's not so much that private business can do better, but that Valley Health System is simply incapable of running an efficient and profitable hospital.

We don't need more bond measures. What we need is a new owner who can rebuild the staffing and services of Menifee Valley Medical Center and turn it into a hospital that we can feel confident about going to.

To inquire about attending this special meeting, contact Valley Health System...

Valley Health System
1117 E. Devonshire Ave.
Hemet, CA 92543
(951) 652-2811


  1. Is it true that Hemet Valley Medical Center is going bankrupt? If so, why ? Did we not vote for the hospital to receive bonds to help the hospital last year? I have a friend for whom is a traveling registered nurse at the hospital in Hemet and I would hate to see him out of a contract or any other staff member be out of work. I feel that filing bankruptcy is a huge mistake. I would hate to see anyone out of a job and to see patients having no place to go for medical needs.