Politics at Mt San Jacinto College

Most of us don't know what goes on amongst the officials at Mt. San Jacinto College, Menifee Campus. I certainly don't.

That's why Ann Motte created a website:

Ann Motte is an elected official, a trustee, on the college Board. She posts new articles quite frequently, explaining what goes on within the Board, and tries to help folks like us understand it.

Why is it necessary to understand?

Because it's your money. MSJC is part of the State's system of community colleges. Last June, those of us who live in MSJC's district were asked to spend more taxes on the campus to provide for expansion. That measure was defeated. Ann Motte used her website to explain to us the thinking that went behind this measure, and also explained how the college was still able to expand without this money.

I recommend visiting her website, and reading some of her writings. The next time an MSJC bond measure comes up, you can make a better decision on casting a vote.


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