Still Recovering from a Motorcycle Accident

I haven't blogged much here because I've been stuck in a hospital recovering from a motorcycle accident I incurred on January 21. I was discharged home yesterday.

Long story short, I have a kidney contusion, fractured right wrist, a black & blue big toe, and scrapes along one side of my face. They put a cast on my wrist, which makes it difficult to type, and to make matters worse, I developed a really nasty allergic reaction to the cast. Go figure!

If you want more details, read the full story on my corporate blog.

I hope you check back more often, I'm gonna start blogging again, though it'll be slower for awhile.

Walgreens Goes Full 24 Hours

Walgreens in Menifee (corner of Murrieta and Newport) is handing out flyers explaining that beginning February 1, 2006, they will be open 24 hours a day, both store and pharmacy.

This increases the competition with Rite Aid, located right across the street. Just for fun, I called Rite Aid to see if they had plans to go 24 hours, but they do not.

I called the Walgreens in Sun City (corner of Bradley and McCall) to see if they were doing the same, but they're not.

The next closest Walgreens that's open 24 hours is in Hemet, (corner of Florida and Lyon).

How Can You Help With Cityhood?

The Californian ran a newspaper article last December 20 about a man named R. Eric Madrid, a family physician, who works in Temecula, but lives in Menifee. The article doesn't appear to be on the newspaper's website anymore.

But the article said that Madrid built a website called "City of Menifee" as part of his effort to help with achieving Menifee cityhood.

I've seen his website, and have communicated with him several times, and I think he's a great advocate for our community, and is an example of someone trying to do something to help with Cityhood?

So, what can YOU do to help with Cityhood?

Join the Economic Development Committee at Menifee-Sun City Chamber of Commerce.

The EDC works with the County of Riverside to attract new businesses and build new infrastructure here in the Menifee Valley. In fact, last August the Menifee-Sun City Chamber of Commerce sent out forms to area businesses and interested residents asking them what improvements do they see most necessary. This form was published here on Menifee 24/7.

The thing that's keeping Menifee from becoming a city is a taxable revenue base. After voters approved Cityhood several elections ago, an independent auditor found that there is not enough of a revenue base to support a city. We need more shopping centers, more business parks, more restaurants, more employers. We need road improvements to encourage out-of-towners to drive through our community and patronize our businesses.

Joining the Economic Development Committee is probably the best way for area residents to help in the building of business in the Menifee Valley, ultimately helping achieve Cityhood. You'll have to become a member of the Menifee-Sun City Chamber of Commerce before you can serve on this committee. The good news is that anyone can join the Chamber, not just business owners, and you'll find membership fees to be very inexpensive.

La Ladera Park Track

I received the following question from Crystal Hoyes regarding La Ladera Park...
My mother and I walk the track at La Ladera Park every morning and we where just wondering if anyone knew the length of the track (for example wither its 1/4 of a mile 1/2 of a mile). If anyone is able to answer our question it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!
If someone knows the answer, please post a comment below.

Wind & Rain Hits Menifee

Downed Palm Tree in MenifeeJim Day, who lives just south of San Jacinto College in Menifee, got enough wind and rain this morning that one of his palm trees blew out of the ground.

Fortunately for him, the tree fell down in a direction that it didn't appear to do any damage to property.

At my house, we didn't see any downed trees, but did get quite a bit of wind and rain.