Newport & Domenigoni Road Connector Opens Soon

That stretch of asphalt connecting Newport Road with Domenigoni Pkwy will open up in a matter of weeks, according to the Press Enterprise. ...

That stretch of asphalt connecting Newport Road with Domenigoni Pkwy will open up in a matter of weeks, according to the Press Enterprise.

While this is going to be great news for Hemet, will it be great news for Menifee?

Congestion along Newport RD near the 215 Freeway is going to get worse, as Hemet folks make their way to points north and south. And Riverside County doesn't plan to relieve that congestion for another four years...
Unfortunately, parkway travelers still will endure a crowded stretch of Newport Road before reaching I-215. Perez said improvements to Newport Road near I-215 will take four years.
The biggest expectation for this new connector is that it will relieve congestion along Winchester Rd through Murrieta and Temecula. But will that relief come at a major cost to us in Menifee?

If Hemet commuters now have a straight shot to the 215 Freeway, will that increase congestion on the 215?

Retail centers in Menifee will not necessarily benefit right away from this new connector, because people in Hemet don't need to come to Menifee to do their shopping. However, the new road will make it easier for Menifee folks to get to the Super Wal-Mart in Hemet. Hemet could stand to get more of our tax dollars via this new road.

Overall, I think this new connector is a good idea for the entire South-West Riverside County as a whole. But I'm disappointed to learn that traffic relief along Newport & I-215 is still another four years away. In the long run, this connector will become vital to Menifee's future, but only after retail and business centers have been built here.

Until then, Newport Rd is going to become very busy, very soon.

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  1. Don't forget to mention there's a school located right next to Newport & Menifee roads, with kids walking around everywhere. It's going to be a mess.

  2. You know HEMET is our new cancer. Since pretty much half of Menifee lives off the soon to be congested Newport RD. If I recall HWY 74 served the N/S gateway. Since we are not a city we have to suck it up for Hemet. Really not that all of Hemet is bad, but I am not happy there trash has an easy way into out community

  3. The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the new Newport-Domenigoni Parkway is planned for Thursday, Dec.21, 2006 - 10:00 am - 11:30 am.
    It will be held where Lindenburger and the new Parkway meet.

  4. I hate this new road.........

  5. funny you put down the "TRASH" from Hemet, but you do it as ANOYMOUS...haha...

    Most people that are going to be using that road are using it to get on the freeway, probably to go to work...Otherwise, what the hell would ANYONE want to go to MENIFEE for, maybe the several Jack-in-the-box's that are there....cause other than that, it's nothing but a bunch of STUCK UP, I THINK I AM BETTER THAN YOU, people, that ultimatly can't afford to purchase a House in San Diego or Orange County, so they settle in little ole' Menifee, so they can brag and say, hey look at my big 6 bdrm....Im BETTER than sure.....more like, your barely able to afford a 200k, house....SAVE THE BS...

    If your not happy with living on or by that street, you should have not moved there, considering it is a growing, under construction, little little town....DUHHHHHHHH.......



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