28 Cars Vandalized in Menifee

The Sheriff issued a statement yesterday, November 30, that at least 28 vehicles were found with broken windows or other damage in Menifee. It appears vandals used BB guns.

Here is the statement...

On Thursday, November 30, 2006, deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department / Perris Station were dispatched to a number of reported vandalism incidents in the unincorporated community of Menifee. At least 28 vehicles were found with broken windows or other damage, which all appeared to have been caused by a BB gun or similar weapon.

The vandals struck between 11:30 PM on Wednesday, November 29, and 3:30 AM on Thursday, November 30. All of the vehicles were parked on residential streets east of Interstate 215 in an area bordered by Holland Road on the north, Menifee Road on the east, Garbani Road on the south, and Antelope Road on the west.

The investigation is continuing. The Riverside County Sheriff's Department is asking anyone with information regarding these incidents to call Sheriff's Investigators at the Perris Station at (951) 940-6200.


  1. wow sounds like its time for us as a community to look into why this could be happening.....#1 parent resonsiblity to know where your kids are at that time of night and i say kids beacuse adults who pay car registration and insurance know how expencive it is owning a car is!!! #2 the sheriff responce time to theses kind of calls is out of this world late....i could go threw the police acadamey and and find a job before perris pd get to a call on our side of town. #3 not to knock the msjc pd but they almost never work past ten at night i know from people who work there so with that said let become a city of our own so we can have our own police force who would care about menifee intead of the sheriff who only cares about where all his money come from citys like temecula and not poor menifee

  2. I think these vandals have gone above and beyond one area. They probably got some kind of rush from it and decided to hit my neightborhood too...affecting one of mine personally. I thought it would have been a good neighbor hood...Id hate for the word to spread around and no one would want to move there....what do we have to do to get a little help here???

  3. Both the vandilism and the police response time is ridiculous. Not to mention, once the police did respond they refused to take finger prints or even photos of the damage to to my vehicle. What can we do? Does anyone know where we stand on own police department? I would hate to see the "good" people of our community start to give up and move.