Menifee MAC Meeting - May 10, 2006

The Menifee Valley Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) will be holding its quarterly public meeting this Wednesday, May 10, 2006, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, at Webb Hall, 26850 Sun City Blvd, Bldg B, Sun City.

The Menifee MAC is a group of residents appointed by the 3rd District Supervisor (Jeff Stone) to field issues from other residents. If there's something you want to say about the Menifee Valley, the MAC wants to hear it.

At this meeting, they've invited the three candidates running for Riverside County Sheriff. Each candidate will be speaking, and each candidate will answer questions from the audience. Since law enforcement is practically non-existent in the Menifee Valley, you might want to attend to find out what they plan to do about it.


  1. Mabey someone can pose the question about what the Sheriff can do in the meantime. I feel the Sheriff and the Menifee School Police can come up with some sort of combined effort in combating crime in the valley. I'm sure the Sheriff works hand in hand with Murrieta Police, Hemet Police etc. What is different here. Some kind of joint powers of authority like in riverside. It just seems simple. I read that the Menifee College Police work with the Sheirff on task forces etc in the area that is posted in the Californian or Press Enterprise. Why not something like Menifee Valley Joint Law Enforcement and combat these crimes here in the valley together. What negatives could there be? I think we should ask one of our future Sheriff's this question.