Master Planned Community Moving Earth in Menifee

For those of you peering over the green fence, as have I, to peruse at those giant earth-moving monsters on the corner of Newport Ave. and Menifee Rd. I think I've uncovered the "secret" project at work.

I say secret, as it took some serious excavating of my own to find any information on the project. After trolling the dark halls and back rooms of Google late one night I found an old news announcement written in January 2004 by the Rancon Group of Murrieta.

There is a 399 acre master-planned community in the making called "The Lakes at Menifee" being built by Centex Homes. The Rancon Group claims the community is "destined to become the Menifee area's premier lake community." Centex Homes paid a whoppin' $50 million when they managed to crawl out of a merchant builders bidding dog pile with the winning bid.

See the full article here. Lakes at Menifee.pdf


  1. I remember a couple years ago reading a series of articles in The Californian about this development. Before the County Board of Supervisor's could approve this project, they needed an assessment from the Eastern Municipal Water District on whether they had enough water to supply all the homes, businesses, and lakes this community would provide. Of course, the District said there would be enough.

  2. Actually, that is a project that is part of Winchester Ranch, an beautiful community that starts at Newport and goes north (not quite to McCall). I think they will have close to 5000 homes and could one day become their own city. This project is so incredible that it has it's own amphitheatre, athletic parks, and its own business center. It is truly outstanding. I remember seeing the plans about a year ago, and I couldn't believe my eyes. Rancon Group is a very high quality developer and really pays for the necessary infrastructure to lessen the community problems. They go far beyond many other developers in making a happy community.
    Julie Johnson
    Menifee-Sun City Chamber of Commerce

  3. Hi Julie,

    Are you referring to the community that starts on the other side of Briggs Road and goes out to Winchester Road? Isn't Winchester Ranch going to be in Winchester?


  4. Just an update.... There is now a sign posted on the corner of Menifee Rd. and Newport Rd. that confirms the project is called "The Lakes at Menifee...."

    To my knowledge Winchester Ranch has not yet begun construction.

  5. LakeRidge ResidentAugust 07, 2005 9:59 AM

    Actually, Julie, Winchester Ranch is a completely separate project from the Lakes at Menifee which is being developed by Centex. Still no update on the Centex site, though. As of today, there is at least one part of the lake cut out - pretty deep at the north end.

  6. Centex will actually be posting a completed internet website beginning November 19, 2005 and they will have a sales office open at 10:00 am on that same Saturday November 19, 2005 at the project site. It consist of around 950 homes and several meandering lakes.

    I think the website is called IOf not I will find it tomorrow. You can be added to their mailing list at this time.

    Steve, I also live at Tierra Shores. It would have been nice if the developer had spent the money to provide a concrete sidewalk to the side yard/gate at each home. The gate has to be re sized and the sideyards do not all allow the trash cans to fit. I agree the CC&R are not being followed, yet the developer made it difficult to do so. Robert

  7. Centex is actually completing their website on Sat November 19, 2005 and they will open a sales office on the same Saturday NOvember 17, 2005 at 10:00 am.

    It will be around 950 homes with meandering lakes.


    I think it is

  8. The plans for this community shows a space for retail pads. I will be interested to know what is going in there.

    If anyone finds out please speak up.

  9. Brian-

    1. Can you find the road layout of "OLD" newport road that is the entrance road for the Tierra Shores development? The Centex master plan map makes it appear that the "old newport road" will continue into their community and exit at Menifee Road across from the elementary school. Is that the way you see it ?

    2. Also have you found or seen a drawing showing the "intersections" of the NEW WIDENED Newport Road as it intersects a) Lindberger and b) Briggs Road ?

    3. Will there be a traffic light at the Centex community entrance and Newport where you saw the "future retail"?


  10. Hi Robert,

    I have not seen the actual plans of how Old Newport Rd. will be a part of The Lakes. My guess is that Old Newport will not go thru the community, but will go by the proposed shopping center on the corner.

    I will do some research to see if I can find a drawing for the proposed intersections.

    Regarding you question about he traffic signal on the corner of Newport and Menifee Rd. I have yet to see plans for that either. However, I would bet they are going to put a signal there with the school being on the corner, the proposed shopping center, and that fact that the county predicts there to be 30,000 cars per day crossing that intersection by 2025. They’re going to want to keep the traffic moving, so my guess is the stop signs will have to go.

    I apologize I don’t have any solid information for you at this time. These are great questions. I will look into the details and try to get you something more solid.

  11. The Community is called Centex at the Lakes and the website is

    Homes are now for sale and you can prequalify at their website. The sales center is also still open.

  12. Does anyone know what stores will be going in the commercial development section, at the corner of Newport and Menifee?

  13. I think a Fresh & Easy will be in there - atleast according to Fresh & Easy website.