Workshop Tonight Will Address Issue of Parks Maintenance

News release from the City of Menifee:

MENIFEE- A City Council workshop regarding Menifee’s park maintenance and recreation programming is planned for tonight from 6-9 p.m. at Menifee City Hall, located at 29714 Haun Road.

At its April 16 meeting, City Council directed Menifee staff to explore the possibility of consolidating parks maintenance and recreation programming for all parks and recreation facilities located within Menifee. City staff planned the City Council workshop to discuss the benefits of centralizing Menifee residents’ tax dollars and maintaining local control of Menifee’s parks and facilities for more efficient planning and programming. Staff will also explain why this will reduce liability and provide a higher return on residents’ investments.

The City Council also requested this workshop to learn about the current services and explore possible alternatives to in-house operations. Valley-Wide Recreation and Parks District, the current service provider of parks maintenance and recreation programming for facilities located in Menifee east of Interstate 215, will provide information of its ability to provide maintenance services and deliver recreational programming to residents west of Interstate 215.

The city, which in July will take over from the County of Riverside maintenance and operations of all parks and recreation facilities west of Interstate 215, will outline its plan to consolidate resources for all Menifee parks and facilities. This may include detaching from Valley-Wide Recreation and Parks District to provide an all-inclusive approach to managing Menifee’s parks maintenance and recreation services.

"Menifee residents deserve a cohesive, fiscally sound approach to providing high-quality parks and facilities maintenance and recreation programming," said City Manager Rob Johnson. "With the hand-off of parks and facilities management from the County of Riverside to the City of Menifee in July, it makes sense for the city to centralize our resident’s tax dollars, streamline business practices and provide more efficient management and programming for all of Menifee’s facilities."

The workshop is open to the community. For more information, contact Community Services Director Robert Lennox at or 951-672-6777.


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