Santa Rosa Academy Grand Opening of the Ranger Station

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Santa Rosa Academy will finally open the Ranger Station, a student store that has been founded and operated by the students in their Business Foundations program. The high school Business Foundations students are carrying out an entrepreneurial business venture that focuses on providing low cost foods and school supplies to fellow students and staff members.

The grand opening will be held on December 10th, 2013 at 27587 La Piedra Rd.Menifee, CA 92584.

The idea for the Ranger Station came about in 2012 when the 2012/2013 business students were challenged with the assignment of making a feasible business plan and putting it in action. “Giving high school students the opportunity to truly become entrepreneurs and run a real business provides a sense of pride, commitment, and self confidence - not to mention real world knowledge of the hard work it takes to make a business successful,” Trisha Aspengren, Santa Rosa Academy High School business teacher. The students saw Santa Rosa’s absence of a cafeteria as an opportunity to carry out a business plan for a student store
that provided food items and needed school supplies. “We got to learn how to run a business, how to track and count money with spreadsheets, and how to deal with customers or product related problems. We also gained experience for future interviews because Mrs Aspengren conducts interviews of students to make sure they are a fit for the position,” stated Junior, Logan Dixon, last year’s customer service representative. They successfully launched their business and with much dedication made their business a regular part of SRA campus life.

Since the Ranger Station was closed over the summer and is now being handed down to the 2013/2014 class, the students are holding a grand opening. This year the Ranger Station store will be open from 11:30-1:15 every Tuesday and with their new slogan “Come Hang With Us” they openly invite the Santa Rosa Academy community with a smile to join them for a tasty lunch and stock up on school supplies.

While the sophomore students are more the face of the company the upperclassman students work behind the scenes to expand the business online and in a vending business as well. “The Ranger Station student store is a great fun learning experience that showed me what it would be like to be an entrepreneur and what it is like to work in a store.” Junior KJ Frazer, H.S. Business Student. The future of the Ranger Station is looking bright as the students all work as a team to continually better the company and learn together. Join the students in the celebration of their great business accomplishments as they conduct the Ranger Station’s grand opening for the year. For more information contact Mrs. Aspengren at 951-672-2400 x5106.


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